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How to bounce back after slipping up

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    Why don't you "invite" her to eat at home a delicious primal meal prepared by you?
    Hopefully she'll want to repeat the experience forever.

    Originally posted by zizou View Post
    Im thinking of riding the storm for now, and whilst im on christmas holidays not get too caught up in the binges, rather refocus in the new year and hit the road again towards cleaner eating.
    I feel you.
    Even with roomates or friends, you will never get rid of the influence of the "common eaters"...
    Even in a family that eats very little and as clean as possible (the stains being daily breads, margarine, some sugar and chocolate), the "traditional christmas food items" always make an appearance. True to be said, sugar and chocolate are like absolute crack - and avoiding them against our desires will only make them more desirable. So, it's really OK to give in a little - yes, how "little" is the trick, I believe. It's the so-called "balance" and harmony, I suppose.
    And I too failed, big time. It will get better over the years, I believe.
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      I would just try to eat as good as I can at the restaurants. Sushi bar, that's not so bad right? Fish, kelp, rice? A steakhouse, steak, fries (if the oils aren't hydrogenated, you won't get away from soy most likely but at least not hydrogenated), a sandwhich bar, a salad with meat or eat the inside of a sandwhich? We even eat at burger king as a treat, just plain hamburger patties with a few fries. Yea, the fries are fried in GMO soybean oil though :/ and the meat is crap so I don't do that often. Even doing this, you will probably start to feel crummy before it's over but not as bad as if you went all out eating grain and sugar. I tried that once... once.


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        Originally posted by Derpamix View Post
        this doesn't sound like a very healthy mindset. i think you need to relax.

        this is a nice article btw:

        Creativity vs. Consumption – 180 Degree Health

        Thanks for the link!

        The only thing unhealthy about my mindset (imo) is the amount of trash shoved in my face over the holiday.. I enjoyed it though, I have a very soft spot in my heart for ice cream, cookies, & pumpkin/turtle/key lime/pecan pie.. ha.. but a follow-up period of fasting makes me feel great.. I personally don't think there's any healthier (or more primal) than the calmness the body goes through during an abbreviated fast.. No food in the digestive tract so the immune system can focus healing on other parts of my body.. I feel clear, alert, lean, clean & very much in touch with my body & senses.. The primal meal I eat coming off the fast then seems to be absorbed with maximum efficiency (supreme nutrient absorption!) I go through a 24-hr fast prob 2 times a week, & it usually comes after somewhat of a cheat meal or high calorie devour.. Just my experience in how I "heal"
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