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Costco has 54 oz coconut oil - $16.99!

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    I noticed it a few weeks ago, thought it was too good to be true, read the label and grabbed it. Felt giddy. Just opened it today.


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      I was very excited when I saw packs of sardines in olive oil at my Costco. Grabbed one only to realize later that they were SKINLESS! What the heck? Who wants skinless sardines?


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        I dont know the brand but my costco carries a 78oz container for 21.99! shoreline, wa.


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          I wish we had a large standing freezer. There just isn't room in our apartment.
          I found a manager's special at the co-op last night (which I've never seen before). $2/lb for frozen Bell and Evan's chicken drumsticks. I grabbed 3 packs. That's half price! Woo!

          I'm also allergic to fish/shellfish so those things are out. Hmm, I just can't decide!
          What do you guys think about the quality of their large cuts of beef? I would get the large rump roast packages.
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