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  • What's happening to me?

    I've been eating paleo for the last year and I lost nearly 90 pounds, Im not overweight anymore.
    I've also been training in the gym for all this time.

    I decided to up my carb intake a week ago because I usually get very good workouts when I do so. Ate sweet potatoes alongside my usual after-gym meals... and after three days doing so I feel dizzy and depressed.

    I decided to stop eating sweet poatoes thinking that I might be allergic to something in them... Now everytime I have even just a banana I feel drowsy and grumpy. Also, I feel my blood pressure going up.

    Why is that?

    Thanks people!

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    Fat flu?
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?


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      You may be extra sensitive to carbohydrate right now. Try smaller amounts, and not every day to see if that works better. Or just more of your normal carbohydrate, instead of a new source. Or BEFORE your workout, so your body gets right to work using it.


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        It's likely something totally unrelated to sweet potatoes. Dizziness, depression and elevated blood pressure. Google all three separately and together, you won't find sweet potato consumption listed anywhere under possible causes. More likely it is a result of over reaching your current fitness level in training combined with additional life stress that's normal for most this time of year. Back off the workouts a little and ease back into it when you recover some. The harder you work, the more important quality of recovery becomes.