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Best diet to heal a bone fracture

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  • Best diet to heal a bone fracture

    What would be the best diet to heal a bone fracture? If theoretically a nose was involved I'd imagine eating cartilage and bone-based broths would help? I've also read fasting is the best diet for this purpose but I'm skeptical.

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    Eat primal with plenty of bone broth.


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      Bone broth, bone marrow, and oxtail soup all come to mind. You have a broken nose? Ouch!


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        Foods rich in minerals and protein. Meat, bone broth, raw milk(if you can get).

        You don't necessarily need to consume bone products, but it would help. Meat and raw milk are rich sources of minerals, milk having plenty of calcium and a good combination of minerals for bone growth(think of baby cows growing from it), and meat having high amounts of minerals as well.

        Making sure to get Vitamin D with your calcium, like taking a D supplement along with your broth, having a nice hot broth in the blazing sun(I kid of course).

        My .02


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          Lots of calories, along with what was already said. Luckily noses heal fast.


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            Is the bone broth recommendation because the injury is to bone? Does the same advice ring true for a soft tissue injury like a muscle strain?


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              First time making bone broth.. Picked up some marrow bones from the butcher and tossed them in a pot with some t-bone leftovers and simmered for a few hours. Then added carrots, onions, garlic, bok choy, celery, potatoes, salt, pepper, and butter.

              I would love to say it tasted great but I'd be lying... taste buds are not quite primal adapted yet. Anyways chugged it down with a steak on the side... can't complain too much. I want ice cream so bad but I quit after watching that Sugar: Bitter Pill video that was posted up here couple of days ago.

              By the way, would you PBer's take prescribed percocet (oxycodone/tylenol)?
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                Originally posted by vb66 View Post
                Is the bone broth recommendation because the injury is to bone? Does the same advice ring true for a soft tissue injury like a muscle strain?
                Bone broth is full of the components that make up bone, leached out by slow cooking. Bone in turn needs those same components to mend/repair/grow... logic would suggest if you have mortar work that needs replaced on a brick structure you'd make new mortar and use it instead of more bricks.
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                  Growing up I used to ride horses. I have had my fair share of bumps bruises, broken bones and sprains.

                  I swear by dock leaves put shiny side down on the injury for taking the swelling away.

                  For broken bones Comfrey is fantastic, put on the injury. It's got tiny little hairs on the leaf so it's a little itchy at first but it really works.
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