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Carbs vs. Net Carbs

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  • Carbs vs. Net Carbs

    Rookie question: If I am targeting 75g of carbs/day, should I pay attention to the total number or the net number? For example 100g grams of total carbs - 25 grams of fiber = 75 net grams.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Mark uses total carbs (NOT net) for the PB recommendations.
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      75 is kind of in the middle of everything. 50 including fiber is generally considered VLC and 100 including fiber is LC territory. 75 including fiber is about where I'm at right now and it's working great. I might do 100 including fiber since I really don't need to lose any weight and love my vegetable. 50 including fiber is the general huge weight loss limit, as people who are very overweight generally have some measure of insulin resistance.

      All in all it depends on how it's making you feel after sufficient testing.
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        Thanks to you both for the info.