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Herbs and spices - do we need them?

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    Originally posted by Kata View Post
    I've noticed this too! I'll cook a meal that I think is super flavorful, but my SAD boyfriend will think is bland. He's so used to being overpowered with salt and sugar and artificial flavorings that he can't detect the subtle, natural flavors of food anymore. This is probably pretty typical of SAD folks. To me, a piece of chicken browned in a skillet with no seasoning at all tastes good, although spices do add variety and interest to a dish.
    I have also noticed that I prefer the flavor of meat, fish etc. by itself, instead having it altered by spices and herbs.
    There are also some foods that really can't exist without the seasoning. Like chili, for instance. I pretty much only use chili powder, paprika and very sparingly pepper. The flavor of caramelized onions beats the flavor of any spice IMHO.