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Primal headache?

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  • Primal headache?

    Hello All,

    I am happy to say that I've been very good with my diet in the last two weeks. I think I've finally got the hang of eating more fat instead of fruit and nuts and dairy (except I still happily eat butter). My carbs have been down to under 50g per day for the last couple weeks, and my fat is usually over 70%.

    I'm wondering if I've also finally been having the low-carb flew I've read so much about. I just wanted to check with ya'll to see if anyone else has had this particular symptom so that I don't worry about it. Since last night I've been having this searing headache, which consists of flashes that last 1-2 seconds just above my right ear. It's very painful when it's happening, but then it goes away for several minutes. It's the level of painfulness that has me worried. Anyone know what this might be about? Stress has also been at a minimum, if present at all!

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    That doesn't sound like low-carb flu to me. Usually that's just a sort of grogginess; dull aching headache rather than searing pain. Have you started eating anything new lately?
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      I've been eating more butter lately, often on its own.


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        I get those too. IIRC they're called cluster headaches. They usually happen to me when I'm under a lot of stress (After I break out but before my eyelid starts twitching)


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          I second LX's post. The whole thing.
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            Lol, LX and Willow_NyteEyes, my eyelid twitches when I'm stressed too, but I've noticed that happens too when I drink too much filtered coffee. Espresso seems to be the answer for me for that! But maybe there's a connection. Maybe coffee can also cause these headaches. I searched online, and found a few different terms and conditions for this kind of pain. One is called 'ice pick' headaches. I have not come across any cures or cause though...


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              Caffiene is your ememy if you suffer from headaches....esp migraines and cluster headaches. It plays with the blood vessels in your head causing dialation an restriction according to how much caffiene you consume. The best solution is not an easy one...give it up all together. After 10 cups a day, I quit...! Thank God! I'm much more alert when I wake up and cut the frequency of my migraines in half.

              FeverFew is a natural supplement that you can take orally or through tea to help headaches when taken daily, also try peppermint oil.

              Good luck!