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  • Help with a Keto plan?

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a Primal Ketosis eating plan?

    So I'm trying to build up a plan for ketosis which hits as many of the markers nutrient-wise as possible, while trying to stay below 100g of protein (I've done ZC before with over 200g protein and have felt fine, but am pretty sure I wasn't in ketosis).

    I'd like to avoid supplementation as much as possible (done that, and feel ok while doing it, but not great). The main problem I'm having is minerals, I'm trying to avoid fish (far too much fluoride in the bones - plays havoc on my skin). And as much as I love cheese, it's probably better for me to avoid it (I also don't know if there are any good brands in Australia anyway, but would be open to trying any if people know good ones - I prefer cheeses which crumble).

    So far I'm looking at:

    An Avocado
    1 tsp CLO
    3 pieces of lamb loin (grilled, pan-fried or baked - with fat attached)
    2oz macadamia nuts
    4 large (200g) omega 3 eggs
    50g pork belly (would probably up this if I find more room for protein)
    0.5 tbsp tallow (cook eggs in it)

    And I'm looking at adding in some leafy greens
    Swiss chard

    Also plan on having dried goji berries (not a fan of other berries - too sweet, and haven't been able to find them dried), not sure of the actual nutrition in them, but I believe they are about 25% carbs (so maybe 50g of them).

    That puts me at about 40g to total carbs (running off total carbs for the moment, I'll consider net carbs once I'm in ketosis and can play around with the values). Also have 98g protein (though not sure how accurate that measurement is) and 160g fat (1900 calories, which probably isn't enough but I can always increase the fat).

    I'm around 66kg at the moment (though about 4kg is probably water weight, was around 62kg on saturday, but due to various reasons, I binged on carbs and my water weight went on).

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    Might consider looking at cauliflower for a switch up. It's lovely mashed under lamb! You'd just have to forgo the berries that day probably.


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