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Am I eating enough or too much fat??

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    i think you should ditch the almonds and get the majority of the fat in your other meals. Eat the yolks, Eat the skin on the chicken and also use fattier meats.

    Use other oils such as coconut oil and you should definitely add more cruciferous veggies to your day (Broccoli, Kale, etc..)
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      And save yourself grief and money by roasting whole chickens (all you need to do is to pour salt over a chicken and salt & pepper the cavity then stick it into the oven), and eating every part of it. If you absolutely have to have it pre-cut, get the thighs/drummsticks. In skin. Breast is the worst part of the chicken & should be given to a volunteer. Think about the kids at the table... what part of the chicken they always ask for before the societal norms kick in? That's right, legs.

      I would actually add egg whites to my omelettes or scrambled eggs for fluffiness, because I do not eat dairy. But add some veggies & meat as well. If almonds taste good, eat almonds. Honestly.

      Don't try to overeat, but don't make yourself starve either. Aim for feeling full in the end of your meal and staying full for at least 4-5 hours & being able to sleep without restless waking hours for about 7-8 hours a night.
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        Originally posted by Phillykid View Post

        Breakfast: 6 large eggs (2 yolks) cooked with garlic

        Why aren't you eating 6 yolks... you are wasting perfectly good food not eating them.
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          If you want to add lean muscle mass (not fat mass) you need to be eating more (yes, more fat and protein if you are staying low carb) and lifting heavy things. If you continue to eat such a low-cal diet your body will not differentiate between weight loss and fat loss. You eat less than I do and I'm female of the same height/weight. You don't need to count calories if you are listening to your body's satiety signals.

          Eat the egg yolks (preferably free range)
          Real meat- not bacon bits or turkey bits
          Red meat
          Salmon/sardines for omega 3's
          I would actually advise against eating the skin/fat of animal products if you are eating conventional and keep adding the olive/coconut oil or pastured butter. Go for it if eating grass-fed or pastured.


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            i think you are eating too less, than you should be.. !!!