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Gettting really bad heartburn lately

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  • Gettting really bad heartburn lately

    i've been getting terrible heartburn lately and it seems that I get it after drinking tea

    i have a small cup of coffee in the morning. not even a full 8 oz worth

    then i'll have a big cup of green tea and i'm fine

    but when i have tea after lunch at work or in the evenings i get terrible heartburn

    i looked online and found that tea often helps heart burn

    anyone else get this? i ususally drink green tea or ginger tea

    weird!! and i really like my tea especially now thats its cold out

    anyone else?


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    I actually get heartburn sometimes from green tea. Not very often though. Maybe it reacts to some other food and causes the heartburn?
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      I switched from coffee to tea (earl grey) in order to cut back on sugar, but instantly I noticed that my heartburn, which had disappeared when I started on primal, reappeared with a vengeance. I'm back to coffee, with reduced sugar, which somehow doesn't spike the burn...

      I wouldn't trust online wisdom on what causes and cures heartburn, because a lot of it is CW and wrong - for example peppermint is "supposed to be" soothing and settling for the stomach, however anyone with GERD knows that it's not to be touched with a 10-ft pole because it does the opposite if you have chronic problems.

      Basically, experiment with yourself - cut out the tea for a bit, and see if things change. Cut out something else next, and try the tea again. What works for you will be different than for someone else.
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