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What Are Your favorite Filler Foods?

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    Originally posted by scott442
    My favorite low calorie snack is gluten free Wheat Bread. There are only 70 calories in two slices, and they taste great with some reduced sugar jelly/jam smeared in between them. It taste delicious. Recently there are many great companies creating healthy vegan snacks product like SheffaFoods, dawnfoods and many more– you can Google them and take a look at their product line, they taste great too!
    Bread and jam? Back in your box, please!

    I like brazil nuts.


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      Took Judg's advice and tried stir-fry, and was amazed at the amount of vegetables I ate (and I LIKE vegetables, there's usually no problem with me eating them), and felt pleasantly(not grotesquely) stuffed for hours. But usually...fat!


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        Eggs....Only like 8 of them and I'm full. Thats only like 500-700 calories (depends how your cooking and how big the eggs).


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          Nothing fills me up fast like white potatoes. They're extremely nutritious per calorie and it doesn't get much more inexpensive.
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            I don't eat fillers to feel full. If I get really desperate, I will have coffee with cream or a 20 minute walk.

            I eat more potatoes or more fat if I know if I'm going to get hungry. And I get a pretty good idea of knowing if I'll get hungry as the days keep passing and I understand more about my natural hunger.
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              Ah, that's easy:

              - avocados,
              - apples,
              - (raw) carrots,
              - sweet potatos (in the microwave or boiled, with butter and cinnamon)
              - vegetable soup!
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                When I need a filler food, white potatoes win.
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                  Steamed vegetables with sea salt and coconut oil (or butter).

                  I'll often have an apple or a banana as a snack. I eat berries often. And every few days I'll have a small bowl of white rice.


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                    These sausages drip with fat so they kill hunger. Yes it's a prepared food but at least they're gluten free and MSG free.

                    Two patties, a cup of herbal tea, and perhaps a little veg make an excellent 300-cal mini-meal.
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