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Omega 3 fish oil capsules contain triglycerides?

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    I was recommended in health food shop 'Nordic Naturals' Omega -3 with lemon oil in liquid form. Quite pricey. Bugger!!!!! I've just read the small print and it says vit E derived from refined soybean oil!! oh well I've only just bought it and will use it up. There will only be a tiny amount in the 1 tsp dose recommended. I really should take my reading glasses when buying things with small print!


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      Originally posted by mcschmidt_00 View Post
      why is liquid fish oil better than gelcaps?
      Once you realize exactly how much fish oil you need it's immediately apparent that mere teaspoons of oil versus maybe 20 gel caps is the way to go.

      Plus those gelcaps can go rancid and you'd never know it unless you're in the habit of breaking one open every once in a while.


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        Originally posted by shadgal View Post
        I was recommended in health food shop 'Nordic Naturals' Omega -3 with lemon oil in liquid form. Quite pricey. Bugger!!!!!
        It does NOT matter which kind you buy. If it's molecularly distilled, it's pure regardless of the brand.

        The things to consider:
        your budget
        the amount of dha/epa per gram
        how much you personally need to offset your dietary intake of Ω
        the ratio of dha/epa

        In nature DHA occurs at greater amounts than EPA. Most fish oils supply the *opposite* ratio of what nature supplies. Go for what we *really* evolved eating, not what supplement mfgs are supplying us with ftmp.

        There are high dha oils available, Now DHA-500 is one of the many. See my linked docs below for more information.

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          I've been taking fish oil capsules, particularly Maxalife, because the fish they came from comes from New Zealand. Anyway, I'm taking it for my heart condition and my dry eyes. So far so good!

          But yes, why the liquid fish oil compared to capsule? I personally like capsules because I don't get to taste it. It goes straight to my tummy! So far, so good!


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            i also take fish oil capsules from Maxalife. it has been helping me a lot. i also prefer capsules to liquid because it's more convenient for me. i don't think the ingredients are harmful but i guess a right amount of those ingredients won't really hurt. if you are still worried, you can try asking a doctor. or research on the ingredients to see whether they are really good or bad.