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One Main Meal a Night and my Experiences From it...... :)

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  • One Main Meal a Night and my Experiences From it...... :)

    Hi all,
    I havent dont much in this forum since joining BUTTT I am going to start being more active here bc I love learning from you all...

    So I started eating a warrior diet/caveman power diet/paleo/Primal diet along time ago(idk the exact time), and then stopped and recently(within 3 months) started again....

    I started working at a place that requires me to do physical work and on my feet ALLL Day, at first I was stressed, and miserable, so I would eat ALOT on my break then want to just go take a nap when I got back to work. Lol.

    So I went back to my diet, that worked so well for me in the past: instead of eating a big meal on break I had a handful of mixed unsalted nuts. Went back to work feeling lighter, strong, and awake.

    I find the less I eat during the day, the more active I am.... I then eat at night, in almost a rewarding manner, eat a huge healthy meal. Eggs, or Red Meat, or Fish, or 2 of those 3, with some veggies, and maybe some sweet potatoes, etc(you know the foods).

    Everytime I get on this way of eating I experience:
    Fat Loss
    Mental Sharpness
    Sense of well-being

    All great things..... I LOVE this way of eating and wonder if anyone had the same benefits Ive had from it?
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    I eat that way also, and experience the same benefits as you do.
    My head is clear during the day, my workouts are better, I have more energy, my weight is stable, with little bodyfat, and I'm mentally sharper, but calm at the same time.
    It took me a couple of weeks to adjust, but it was worth the effort.


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      I don't like eating small meals. I usually eat only 1 meal a day and have done so since I was a child (with very tolerant parents).
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        I, too, do far better on the IF /single meal program. Always have. I've never been able to lose or maintain a healthy body composition on 3 squares a day, or -- HORRORS! -- lots it itsy bitsy meals throughout the daylight hours.

        But there's been a key change since going Primal --

        A lot of my problem with 3-squares was eating disordered behavior. I could starve myself all day by self-promising that I "would be allowed" to eat that night. And, of course, what I ate usually wasn't primal. I was almost panicked at the thought of eating early -- because then I couldn't stop and I'd just eat my way through the rest of the day.

        Now, if I do eat breakfast it's because I'm hungry and want to. A primal breakfast does nothing to my ability to hold off eating until the next right-time. My single meal a day routine is lifestyle preference and because, like Damiana, I enjoy a large & luscious meal. It unwinds me and certainly assists in getting a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night.

        Not for everybody, I know. But is sure works for me.
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          Totally agree with "unwinds me and certainly assists in getting a good 7 or 8 hours sleep each night." About 30 min to an hour after I eat... I am SOO relaxed.


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            When I first thought about Primal I tried the Warrior diet and it didn't work so well but, over time I have drifted back to it and it works wonderfully now.

            I think the key is in being fat adapted or, as Mark would say, a "Fat Burning Beast". When I first started out trying it I would be watching the clock, "Can I eat yet?" And then, when I did eat, I would tend to way overcompensate on the portion size and feel like the proverbial beached whale afterwards (plus not losing any weight).

            Now I eat a few calories in the morning such as cow or coconut cream in my coffee but then I go all day until suppertime. It does not feel *imposed* on my life, rather just the natural thing that feels right.

            So, as far as advice goes, I would say don't *force* yourself to do this plan until your body is ready for it. It will let you know when it is. When you think, "Wow, it's almost five and I haven't had a meal yet. I wonder how that happened?"


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              I've started eating this way in the last week. I found VLC had too much of an impact on my mood, but too many carbs just derails me and I get really hungry. This way I seem to have lots of energy during the day - mostly having coconut oil in a pot of crio bru, or a sausage, or a small tin of tuna around midday. Then I have whatever primal foods I want in my one main meal, including fruit or dark chocolate. I'm cautious, because almost everything else I've tried has either been too extreme but effective for IBS control and weight loss, or too comfortable with no results. Good to hear about the positive experiences!
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                Been on the primal-warrior diet for about 6 months and love it. I"m 50 years Crossfitter and got onto this way of eating because I wanted to maximize my hormones and was tired of stuffing protein down my throat. For lunch I have a glass of raw milk and dinner I over eat ONLY after a training. On days when I don't workout, I still fast during the day, but eat less carbs for dinner.

                Since skipping breakfast, I'm more focused and more energetic than ever. The thought of eating breakfast again sounds so removed from my life now.

                Loving hearing about how others are doing on this way of eating.


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                  I do that too, except that I usually can't finish all that I cook, so I either takes bites every so often from the leftovers, or gorge myself a second time in the morning, with some eggs, tomato, and hot sauce.
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                    Cool love hearing it works for everyone here... During the day I'll have a handful I carrots, a handful of nuts, and occasionally a cheese stick but I try and stay away from dairy not called Butter.


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                      my meal is usually steak and eggs or steak and potatoes lately....With a salad usually.


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                        I just really like the convenience of not making and carrying food to work with me. It's just easier to get up in the morning, brew some coffee and get dressed for work. Grab my cup and go to work.

                        At work on my breaks I can surf the web, read, whatever. No worries that I have to finish my meal before lunch is over. Then when I get home I can eat the way I like to- with my shoes off. I don't know what it is. Food tastes better with your shoes off. Anthony Bourdain said it once, and I've discovered it to be true.


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                          I just started eating the one main meal a day, I have been eating primal for a year. It is so much easier, and more convenient to eat that way. There are dishes from only one meal each day, and I have found so far that I plan my meals to be extra good, and I am thinking about using the crock pot so that I can get it all set up, and going when I would normally be cooking, and eating breakfast, then when I get home I can have a workout, or walk, shower, eat. I have also found that about 2 hours after eating I want to sleep. It works great I just have to make sure that I eat about two hours before I want to go to bed, relax for those two hours, and then sleep.

                          I still have about 10 lbs of stubborn fat to get rid of so I am mostly snacking on berries for the antioxidants since the belly fat is usually where crap gets stored. I used to have to have my breakfast, or else I would be miserable all day, but following the Warrior/Primal diet it is so easy to fast durring the day. Only problem is I just played late night hockey for the first time since starting this, and I will have to work out a way to have a bit more energy for hockey since I start at either 9:15, or 10:15, and get home at 12:00-1:00 after an hour and fifteen minuts of playing. I tried having a smaller meal at about 5 last night, but I might move it up to 4:00 followed by a nap. I don't play again until Jan 4 so I have soem time to figure it out.


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                            Looking forward to my ONE meal tomorrow... Eggs, and Bacon, and maybe some hashbrowns and buttterrrrr


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                              So, where is everyone on this one meal a day? Still at it? Did you meet your goal?