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  • Urine question

    Certainly this isn't the most enticing topic for the nutrition board, but at the moment I feel fairly confident that my problem is a food-related one.

    Looking for some insight! I'm a little freaked out!

    I fasted for 8 days. No real issues. Broke the fast about two days ago. Ate a little bit of junk-- mainly carbs, but have settled once more into healthy, whole foods.

    So, something interesting happened in the bathroom this morning. I was urinating at the urinal at work, and noticed that my urine was quite cloudy. It was fairly opaque-- so different from any urine I've ever produced before. It was more than a little alarming.

    After a frantic Google search, I didn't find anything I felt fit my case. I don't seem to have any other symptoms; no fever, pain, nausea, etc. I suspect this has something to do with my fast-- perhaps with the re-feed. Perhaps I took in too much protein? Or carbs? Or fat? It could be a lot of waste moving out of my system all at once?

    I was really freaked out at first, but am now just genuinely curious. Anyone know what this could be? I haven't urinated since, but will be studying my urine pretty closely for some time into the future.

    I'm reticent to go to the doctor's for a single case of cloudy urine with no other symptom. If it happens again, then I'll likely have to give him a ring, though.


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    Just headed to the bathroom. Urinated a little. It was perfectly normal and clear