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    I recently started a weekly 24-hour IF. I will eat a normal sized dinner at 7 pm, and then have a normal sized dinner 24 hours later (I might have something slightly larger if I am hungry after - an extra handful of nuts, some sashimi or a small salad). I love IF-ing so much that I am thinking of extending it to several times a week (I think I will just add in one day every few weeks or so...). Currently I IF on my 'rest' day (although I cycle about 10 miles daily anyway). I wondered if anyone could share their experiences with IF-ing when it is 24-hour fasts several times a week. Specifically:

    -What is working out like after an IF (I either lift heavy things, or do a dance class)?
    -Do I need to eat a bigger dinner if this is a regular thing? Normal dinner post-IF would be some piece of protein (organic chicken breast, grass fed beef or wild salmon), I don't weigh things, but it looks like the sort of protein you would typically serve someone + some veggies e.g. 5/6 asparagus spears and / or 1/4 cauliflower mashed.
    -I am a 'hard gainer' and trying to get my visible abs back... is this likely to help hinder?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    Lekki xxx

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    When you say you're a hardgainer - you mean you're thin and it's hard for you to put on muscle, yes?

    Also - just some thoughts, I don't know what you're sex / age / goals are but looks like you could use some more fat in your diet. Especially if that's the only meal you're eating all day. You're basically needing to meet all of your daily nutrition requirements in one meal. Don't stuff yourself but make a conscious effort to get in some calorie dense food. 65/35/10 FPC is my standard macronutrient breakdown while fasting.

    Working out in a fasted state is ideal. Low insulin and high HGH.

    And that 10 mile daily ride isn't doing you any favors if you're trying to gain.


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      Hey Suki,

      Thanks for the help. Yes, by hard gainer, I am skinny and always had a problem getting any muscle / definition. Although before when I did weights, they were only ~10 lbs, now I am using 25 lbs free weights, and obviously more on machines. But people used to tell me that I didn't have arms / legs but twigs'. The 10-mile ride indeed is not ideal, but I have no choice as I don't have a car I have to get up and down the hills... and to the shops etc...

      OK, I will try more fat. It is so hard to divorce myself from CW that fat will stop me burning fat... I can do it intellectually, but my heart fights it. I do ahve two eggs for breakfast though, with bacon or some other meat... lots of OO on my salad, oily fish most days... and a handful of nuts quite often, so I probably get quite a bit? I rarely eat chocolate but when i do, it is 85% melted into coconut oil with dried (unsweetened) coconut stirred in and frozen... so I get fat there too.


      OK, when IF-ing I will eat more, and maybe more fat in my diet. My breakdown is usually about 60:25:15.


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        Another thing -- do you eat post workout? If you're trying to gain muscle, this is important. (People focused primarly on fat loss often fast post-workout to get the best HGH benefit, but for strength/muscle building, you need to feed those muscles.)

        Also, are you doing the "big lifts?" Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and the like? Heavy, heavy, heavy is key (as opposed to muscle endurance work with high reps, low weight) for building muscle.

        ETA: LOL, just read your post over on the SKINNY thread, and you obviously know all this already.
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