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Anyone with an iron stomach?

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    Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
    Raw garlic should be chopped up fine, allowed to sit for a few minutes, and then eaten.

    This promotes the creation of a pungent antioxidant compound called "allicin" that thins the blood (for easier blood flow), reduces cholesterol, lowers tryglycerides, and reduces chronic inflammation markers.
    Thanks for the info!


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      Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
      Mostly they thought it was way too dangerous, and that I was being reckless and stupid for eating it. You know how people are- panicky. The slightest threat of a germ leaves them running for the Clorox.
      I like to think of potential germs as a vaccine. Anything that might have been on that pork was probably all cooked away anyway.


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        Speaking of germs...
        The craziest thing I've ever eaten was "high meat". A couple years back...
        You can use any kind of meat, but I used beef heart. It's basically intentionally rotted meat. You keep it in a sealed jar for weeks, frequently opening the jar to let the air exchange.
        I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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          Oh yeah, it's raw
          I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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            Penicilin comes from the mold on bread. There are many molds used in medicine. Of course a few kinds are dangerous. Bluecheese is made by layering slices of cheese with slices of bread and then letting the bread mold. They must use cultures that produce a blue mold. But it's wonderful cheese.

            My Norweigen Grandparents loved several kinds of cheeses that absolutely stank from putrification. They love it and thrived on it. Rotted fish also.

            30 years ago, or so, in England, doctors were giving children shots of dirt to hep boost their immune system. I think it was a test and I never did hear the result of it.

            OUr group in Soul, S. Korea ate normal Korean food at several high-end restaurants and I came away thinking this was the most awful food I'd had in a long time. The Barbeque was OK, but everything else was either strongly pickled or well putrified. But the Koreans were quite healthy.

            Truly, though, we have become so very clean that are immune systems have become weaker because of that alone. Remember in the Primal Blueprint Mark says Grok ate dirt, and probably a considerable amount.
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              brush yo teef.


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                Iron-gutted to a decent degree here, too. I LOVE this thread!

                I just got back from Germany a week ago and ate something called "Mett", which is raw diced pork with loads of fresh onion smashed between a fresh bakery roll. Ate it all up - two of them.

                Then I grabbed the "Blutwurst", which is blood sausage. You peel it and smash it around in the frying pan with some already-sauteed onions and eat with dark bread or potatoes. Yummly.

                If you have ever had something called "Kochkaese", you will know that it has a texture somewhere between smooth snot and soft silly putty. Mine was purchased with caraway seed and 'et with a spoon, forget the roll it is supposed to go on. (It's a dairy product)

                Lots of matjes, which is young barrel-pickled (and not cooked) herring, eaten plain off a wooden board.

                Shitloads of cured-but-not-cooked bacony types and pork sausages, eaten right out of the hand with no further processing than ripping open the butcher's paper.

                We snack on uncooked ground beef when it is burger night (our local beef is really good for this).

                And I absolutely cut off bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff and use the rest. About the only thing I don't go for is still using spoilt milk.
                I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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                  You, sir, (er, miss?), are awesome
                  I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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                    I still haven't found anything in all of my travels that I can't or won't eat. I know there's stuff out there I couldn't do; I just haven't personally encountered it yet.


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                      Street food in China. I think that's self-explanatory.
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                        @OP sometimes I grab that berry and it is mouldy and it tastes like sh$t...why would you bother?!?
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                          Oh I miss me some Mett and Matjes and very good.


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                            yes but with the germs too: Grog probably was expose to a miniscule fraction, if any, of the germ load you get at your average Ikea outing these days...I mean digging in the dirt never did muhc to anybody.

                            That said, I support a good dirt policiy and was really annoyed when they hired a new teacher at our preschool who is completely paraoid about anything to do with nature. Sheesh.


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                              Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
                              @OP sometimes I grab that berry and it is mouldy and it tastes like sh$t...why would you bother?!?
                              Well, I went to grab that berry, and it didn't taste like shit, and was free, soooooo...
                              I never know what to put in these things. I write songs!


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                                I've eaten moldy fruit, moldy meat (didn't see it til it was too late), refrigerated pasta and rice gone sour, you name it. The only thing that has ever gotten me puking is a package of Morningstar chick'n nuggets. 12 years later and I can still remember the pain.
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