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    If you're truly trying to lose shouldn't be drinking any wine at all. That being said, wine is meant to be enjoyed with a meal. It compliments food flavours and adds to overall enjoyment. Food is not the enemy here, enjoy it...with a glass of wine every now and again.


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      scientists found a substance in red wine, blueberries and interest fresh fruit that prevents premature fat cellsí ability to create and grow. Similar in framework the substance vaunted as the heart-healthy broker in red wine, it is also thought to help secure the body against cancer.


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        Originally posted by gopintos View Post
        I probably shouldnt start then, but I did have some red w/dark chocolate after dinner last night. Only 4 oz. of wine and 11g of chocolate. And I was already pretty tired, so I don't know if it helped with sleeping, but I slept like a baby. Until about 3a.m. (that is probably just like a baby also )
        Having a bit of wine and dark chocolate several times a week will not harm your weight loss goals as long as your net daily calories are in your weight loss zone. Happy Holidays!
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