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Does anyone eat Nutzo nut butter?

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  • Does anyone eat Nutzo nut butter?

    I was picking up my almond butter last night at Whole Foods and stumbled across a jar of interesting nuttiness.

    Nutzo mixed nut and seed butter. It's organic, has a peanut free version, also a version with dark chocolate.

    Only 2 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoons! Pretty tasty, and states a serving contains all the amino acids.

    I did a search of this and other Paleo/primal sites and came up with nothing! Like no one else ever has mentioned it. Very surprising.

    So? Primal? Anyone buy it?

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    Well then screw it! Forget I asked!

    Looks primal to me.... I'm eating it!


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      lol....I didn't answer since I have never seen it. But, now I wanna respond just to let you know your not being ignored .

      We get almond butter once in a while...and there is a store that allows you to put a variety of nuts through their grinder and take the resultant butter for a pretty penny though. The Nutzo thing looks good based on what you've written though.


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        oh man, you just gave me one more dodge... I adore almond butter and really really miss Nutella.... arghhhh!


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          I've seen it in Whole Foods. If the Dark Chocolate version was peanut free, I'd probably have tried it.
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            Read the label. I haven't seen that, but I saw an almond butter with dark chocolate and cherries that attracted me, but when I read the label, it was full of sugar and other additives.

            I buy nut butters that are ONLY nuts. (If I want to, I can swirl my own dark chocolate through it.)


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              Originally posted by drjoyous View Post
              oh man, you just gave me one more dodge... I adore almond butter and really really miss Nutella.... arghhhh!
              Try Justin's nut butter brand. They make a chocolate hazelnut that's pretty good. I also really like Barney Butter. My favorite though, sin of all sins, is Peanut Butter & Co.
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                me too, I really like Barney Butter too. My favorite though, sin of all sins, is Peanut Butter & Co.


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                  The website (two tts in Nuttzo by the by) shows the ingredients to be pretty sound for the peanut butter free one. All the others do have peanuts. But no additives. So, if you eat peanuts, it should be ok. Or get the PB free one.
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                    Wow this things is fairly awesome. It preferences very healthier and you can definitely tell that there is no included glucose. I really like the minor grittiness of the nut butter and can see why everyone is so thrilled by its lifestyle. Once I included the pickled figs on the other 50 percent


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                      Aww. Thanks guys for the input!
                      I liked that it was a mix of nuts and seeds with no added sugar. I actually dumped a bit more dark unsweetened cocoa powder in to up the chocolate factor.


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                        I went to Whole Foods tonight and coincidentally saw Nutzo on the shelf. Holy crap, that stuff is $20 a jar!
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                          The Nutzo looks ok but...

                          I looked at similar products at my Publix the other day, and of the ten I picked up, all ten had soy in them.

                          So, when branching out from a simple Almond butter staple, my advice is to always read the labels carefully.

                          Even at Whole Foods. I got some sunflower butter there when it was on sale and mistook a blurb on the side of the jar to be the ingredients list. I realized later that it had a lot of added sugar. No wonder I found it so incredibly addictive....