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  • Matsoni yoghurt

    I've just made some Matsoni yoghurt - I can't believe how easy it is! The first lot took a long time to set (over 36 hours) and then divided itself into curds and whey, so I took some of the thick set stuff and stirred it into fresh milk and overnight it has set into a firm and delicious yoghurt - at room temperature (UK = cold kitchen!).

    But what I don't know is if it has the same healthy bacteria as, say, Kefir? Or less, or different? Does anyone know?

    If there are a different spread of probiotics to Kefir, then I shall eat Matsoni one day, Kefir the next and either sauerkraut or fermented carrot / ginger with some meals. I can't help feeling that as a wide a range of probiotic food as possible is a good idea...

    The matsoni is DELICIOUS with ground cacao nibs, cinnamon and mashed banana stirred through it. Nectar!

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    Added honey to the yogurt tonight - possibly big error! Does the antibacterial properties of honey kill the probiotic qualities of the yogurt??!!


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      Sounds like Matsoni just has slightly different strains and species of lactic acid bacteria. What does it taste like?

      Honey with it is fine; and probably delicious.


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        It tastes really nice - not as "sharp" as kefir, but noticeably acidic even so. Lovely texture - sort of a "wobbly" set. I've also discovered that it makes a delicious cucumber raitha.