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  • Muscle twitches

    Since I started eating primal, around a month ago, I've started to get some muscle twitches here and there. Maybe I need to eat more foods with potassium and magnesium. Anybody else experience this while going low-carb?

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    I haven't experienced this, but it comes up in the Eades' chapter on magneseum in Protein Power Lifeplan. Just a possible source of more info for you.
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      I developed an eye twitch after a few months of being primal. My eye doctor recommended drops for my eyes but as an after thought, made a comment about magnesium sometimes helping with twitches. I opted to skip the eye drops and try a magnesium supplement (just got a cheap brand from the big box mart) and no more eye twitch.

      The Eades' also recommend supplementing with magnesium and potassium in their new book (6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle) because it is easy to become deficient in these on a super low-carb diet.

      The supplement is an easy symptom alleviator but eventually you might want to try adding a few more magnesium and potassium rich foods to your diet for long term health. Something I still need to do by the way . . .


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        Thanks for the advice guys, I'll be stopping at the vitamin shoppe after work and pick up some magnesium. Just as a side note I had a banana as a snack before lunch today and I haven't noticed any twitching. Maybe that quick shot of potassium and magnesium helped.


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          I've had small muscle twitches for years. Most often in the bit of muscle just above and inside of the kneecap. It'll twitch when I'm seated. Also sometimes on my elbow in a similar spot. I'm 36 and have had these little twitches for over 20 years. Might show up once, maybe twice, a month, so I've never worried about them. On the contrary, they're almost entertaining sometimes. Yeah, I know... simple life.


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            I take potassium and magnesium supplements every night. No more muscle twitches (or cramps, either! I used to get awful charley horses), and I sleep better, too.
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              I have had an eye twitch that started 2 months ago as well - and sometimes other muscles twitch too. The difference with me is that I pretty much fell off the wagon exactly the same time (and have been on and off since then and barely able to stay primal for a few days at a time due to the illness and death of someone near and dear to me).

              I have started upping my calcium, magnesium, potassium and today is day 1 of my journey back to 100% primal, 99% of the time. Since I have added cal/mag back into my regime (about a week ago) the twitching has definitely lessened. Hmm, now I am wondering if its because of the magnesium and not so much the calcium (its a 2:1 ratio)


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                I would think that eating nuts (unfermented) and grains, beans, etc. remove magnesium from the body and going primal would fix it... phytates are what cause the problem.


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                  Muscle twitching and cramping is a good sign of mineral deficiencies and/or electrolyte imbalance. As suggested above try supplementing with Magnesium/potassium which is what athletes are most commonly deficient in. Could be calcium too, especially if you don't consume a dairy allotted primal plan.
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                    I get muscle spasms/twitching occasionally while working out, especially in my biceps when I'm trying to do a slow push-up. Pretty obnoxious. I use No-Salt on all my food, and use a potassium supplement but it's only 3% of your RDA. Can't imagine that does much... I did learn that ham has more potassium than a banana though. There you go.
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                      Found this. I just happen to have a couple bags of dulse that I forgot about. I didn't know it had that much potassium and it appears to have a good amount of magnesium too. Anybody want some bananas? I don't want them anymore!

                      Potassium Content of Selected Foods

                      Milligrams (mg) per 100 grams edible portion (100 grams = 3.5 ounces)
                      Dulse 8,060 Cauliflower 295
                      Kelp 5,273 Watercress 282
                      Sunflower seeds 920 Asparagus 278
                      Wheat germ 827 Red cabbage 268
                      Almonds 773 Lettuce 264
                      Raisins 763 Cantaloupe 251
                      Parsley 727 Lentils, cooked 249
                      Brazil nuts 715 Tomato 244
                      Peanuts 674 Sweet potatoes 243
                      Dates 648 Papayas 234
                      Figs, dried 640 Eggplant 214
                      Avocados 604 Green peppers 213
                      Pecans 603 Beets 208
                      Yams 600 Peaches 202
                      Swiss chard 550 Summer squash 202
                      Soybeans, cooked 540 Oranges 200
                      Garlic 529 Raspberries 199
                      Spinach 470 Cherries 191
                      English walnuts 450 Strawberries 164
                      Millet 430 Grapefruit juice 162
                      Beans, cooked 416 Cucumbers 160
                      Mushrooms 414 Grapes 158
                      Potato with skin 407 Onions 157
                      Broccoli 382 Pineapple 146
                      Kale 378 Milk, whole 144
                      Bananas 370 Lemon juice 141-
                      Meats 370 Pears 130
                      Winter squash 369 Eggs 129
                      Chicken 366 Apples 110
                      Carrots 341 Watermelon 100
                      Celery 341 Brown rice, cooked 70
                      Radishes 322

                      Source: "Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units," U.S.D.A.

                      Agriculture Handbook No. 456


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                        Helpful, thanks!
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                          See, that list isn't quite as helpful as you think because the minerals are bound to phytates and other nasty things that remove minerals from your body (raw, cuferious veggies, spinach, etc have quite high amounts). Cooking and fermenting helps, but the eggs and chicken are probably the bast sources in reality, even though they are at the bottom of the list.


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                            i have a bag of kelp noodles... do those count the same as kelp?
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                              Hello all!

                              I just started having this same twitching problem. Its been since i went primal about a week ago and i have a really persistent eye twitch and thenn every so often ill get a twitch in my leg or arm. I see that magnesium, potassium and calcium seem to be the answer !?!

                              How much are you supposed to take if you supplement these?
                              I do eat enough banana and such so I am not sure potassium is it, but could be calcium because i dont eat hardly any dairy or magnesium because im not sure which foods are rich in that.

                              Please help!