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    Thank you, thank you.

    The past two days havent been so hard. It (the lack of sugar) gets to me around day 7 or 8.

    I just wanted to see how this is going to affect my weight. In two days, I have "lost" .6 pounds. I am pretty sure that is water weight--because of not feeding the body fruit carbs.


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      The only thing that remotely helps me with not missing fruit for a few days in a row are the radishes, cucumbers, turnips and cabbage - crunchy non-sweet veggies. But, all and all, every time I try to drop fruit, I don't succeed. i go back and eat like 5 apples a day with a mountain of other fruit to follow.

      I am trying self-hypnosis now to make myself to hate fruit, but I am stalling out even there.

      I dunno if life is worth living without eating fruit. I've never drunk wine, I don't like chocolate and I have never had an orgasm (not for the lack of trying). So, my only tangible pleasure in life was fruit. Maybe I will finally concede to being fat but merry, rather than slightly thinner and miserable.
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        Leida--that was hilarious!

        There is no way I can do away with fruit for the rest of my life. Are you kidding me!???!

        Today ends day 3 of no dairy, no sugar trial (total of 15 days). Foods consumed were fish and "creamed" spinach (with coconut milk of course).

        DD is right now eating bananas and heavy cream. A perfect marriage of fruit and dairy, if you ask me. Shockingly, I am not desperate to eat it. But if I have one bite of banana, we are all going down hill.

        Maybe this has a lot to do with my personality. I am all or nothing. Now that I have officially told my mind, no fruit, and no dairy, I am coping better.


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          Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post
          cool fact of the day

          I literally lol'd from that, thanks I needed that
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            Day 4. At around 1pm, I was like screw this. Let me just have some sugar. Big deal. Some ice cream would be the best thing ever. I had it all worked out in my head.

            Glad I didnt give in. Food for today was chicken wings and roasted cauliflower.

            Looks like I CAN do without fruit. Well, its only day lets not talk too soon.


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              Day 5. I have little physical activity these days (ok, compared to what I usually do), because I am buzy all day on the computer trying to meet a deadline. This no dairy/no fruit thing couldnt have come at a better time. Dont want to gain any weight for sure.

              Weighed in this morning. Have lost 0.6 pounds. Amazing.

              Food. Chicken wings, roasted cauliflower, and eggplant curry.

              The craving for a banana is creeping up....


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                All I want is a banana. Going sugar crazy today. GRR.


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                  Be brave! Walk away from the banana...


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                    Day 6

                    Shalimar--thanks. You have no idea how many times a day I thought of having fruit. At 5pm, I am determined.

                    Ate some carrots and salami. Then avocado and chicken wings. The fat really helped, I think.
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                      Day 7 & 8

                      Day 7
                      Yesterday was a poor eating day. No fruit or dairy, but lots of salami and bacon. Bottom line--way too much sodium. Ran out of cooked food at home, so broke into the primal snacks. The problem is I ended up eating the bacon and salami as meals.

                      Worse. I am allergic to nuts if I consume them in large amounts. Diarrhea. Well, since there was no cooked food, I resorted to eating way too many nuts. Yap. Not good.

                      Day 8
                      Friend's birthday brunch. Ate a great mexican meal with pork, avocado, and eggs. Dinner--pork belly and roasted vegetables.

                      I can do this without fruit. But I did miss not eating fried plantains at the restaurant. Yes, that would have been cooked in vegetable oil, but once in 6-7 months...I can handle that.

                      Since I ate a lot of fat in the past two days, the sugar craving is at bay.


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                        I cant believe it, but I just finished Day 9. No fruit? Nope. Amazing.

                        I had pork belly, Brussel sprouts, and eggplant curry.

                        Been IFing, and eating this way and having an IF thing going on, I feel good so far.


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                          Originally posted by lillyruiz80
                          If so, I'm looking for opinions on it
                          Opinions on what?


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                            Day 10 and 11.

                            I have been eating avocados when I have been craving sugar. It is amazing how it curbs the craving. Maybe it is creaminess?


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                              Yup. Avocado and heavy cream keep me away from fructose very well.

                              Are you going to add back in the dairy and fruit after your 15 days individually? At once? Not at all? Not to turn you into a guinea pig but it'd be interesting if you only added back in the high-fat dairy for a few days to see if you kept losing!


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                                Originally posted by sarasue624 View Post
                                Are you going to add back in the dairy and fruit after your 15 days individually? At once? Not at all? Not to turn you into a guinea pig but it'd be interesting if you only added back in the high-fat dairy for a few days to see if you kept losing!
                                Keeping in mind that fruit and dairy are my trigger foods:

                                I am not planning to add fruit, like the way I used to eat fruit in the past. This was everyday, with a minimum of two servings. It really stalls my weight-loss, and until I am done with losing all the weight, I am going to stay away as much as I can. Actually, I dont have much weight to lose, but a lot of jiggle to get rid off. The fat on my thighs and hips (aka love handles) havent moved much at all.

                                However, I am going to be adding dairy, most definitely--in the form of cheese. Heavy cream loses its awesomeness because I only eat it with fruit. (Though I think an avocado-heavy cream shake will be delicious!) Now I have to think about how exactly I am going to go about it. Yet to be decided.

                                So to answer your question, I am going to decide more about this, this weekend. I can say that I dont give fruit or dairy a thought these days. I have really upped my fat content (fatty meats and avocados... cant do nuts) and trust me, thats the way to go for me.