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pregnancy fat :(

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  • pregnancy fat :(

    I know this isnt a nutrition question but I couldnt find anywhere else to put it! I had twins 7 years ago, LARGE twins, and the second belly(go with it) just above my c-section scar hasnt gone away, its like a tyre of fat, only at the front below my bellybutton. On to my question... (still with me?) I do a mix of BP IF and primal and have done so for > 1 year, and have found weight loss to be steady and have lost 58lbs so far, and would like to lose another 40. Will eating this way actually get rid of the flappy bit? Or will I have to resort to an apronectomy to get rid of it?

    42 year old mother of 4 under 8.

    thoughts appreciated, open to opinions

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    I think you should keep going.

    If you discover in another year that you haven't lost those last 10-20 (having lost other 20-30 odd more), then we can talk and also look at what other options exist (such as cavi lipo machine or other options).

    Also, do you have any diastasis recti or similar issues?


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      fortunately no issues with abdominal wall :-) or any other issues related to multiple pregnancies. As for Cavi lipo, em no $$ . Hey Zoe bird, we are both in Wellington!!! :-) I am carrying on with my eating style regardless, as I feel good doing this combo, and I am crossing everything the flappy bit will melt slowly away


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        Also check to make sure your diastis recti muscles aren't split!
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          cool. we can get together if you want!

          in terms of options, if the diet doesn't work, at a certain point, you either accept it or get treatments, you know? I save up for treatments. I'm super-vain. LOL

          (i have spider veins on my face. i'm saving up to have them laser-ed. DH says that I look like most cavi-lipo after pictures, so why bother? LOL he's a man though. You know, they know nothing. I kid, he's right. I look at the before/afters from the scandinavian countries and realize that my butt looks exactly like the after photos. Wild.)


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            the flap usually goes last of all, ive heard from my c-section mama friends. im almost 2 years postpartum with my dd and still got a slight belly pudge that is all that is left. my arms and legs are skinny as heck, but my darn stomach wont flatten! btw i did have the abdominal splitting ( i was pretty small upon pregnancy and short waisted so everything went forwards and OUT!).

            <3 hopefully we will get there soon!!!