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Intermittent fasting for cyclist

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  • Intermittent fasting for cyclist

    Hi guys ,

    I am new to the forum, and delighted to be here. I am halfway through reading the primal blueprint, and loving the effect it is having.

    I have been experimenting with IF ing for the last 2 weeks going from 16 hr fasting to 20 hr fasting twice maybe 3 times a week.

    I am fat adapted to some point as i;
    can train hard for 3/4 hours on mtb fasted and i dont use carbs for rec
    i dont really like carbs any more, they dont do it for me.
    i do still have a bit of a sweet tooth but thats more related to stress. I am trying to ween myself of sweets with a few squares of dark choc 85% with strawberries and crem frais 3/4 times a week. Not ideal but definitely better than a big ice cream binge.

    The hunger does not bother me but,

    I have no concentration and i would be irritable. This is a pain at work, when i have zero motivation!

    It is definitely working, i have lost weight and my skin feels tighter.

    I dont train went i fast other than my wake up routine (i do this 3 days per week)which is
    20min zone 1 - recovery pace on rollers
    And 10 min of stretching, maybe 2/3 sets of pull ups.

    Then on normal days i do
    2 midweek fasted 1.5 hr intense turbo sessions
    2 3 hour fasted mtb spins - one controlled z 1-2 and one spin where i ride aggressive throughout

    Does anyone else feel like this when fasting?

    What is the best time to begin a 24 hr fast?

    Am i better off doing the easier 16/18 hr fasts for a few months twice a week and building my self up?

    Is there a IF "finish line"? I mean should it ultimately just be a normal weekly thing to do having say 15 meals per week as opposed to the 21 meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner x 7 days)

    Has anyone ever done a 1.5 hr tough workout on turbo while fasred?

    Are these sensations normal or do they pass as i get better keto/fat adapted?


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    I've been IF'ing for the last 11 months using the daily 16/8 method, only eating between 12-8 (give or take 1/2 hours). I've recently gone through a few changes in my life (relocation, change of jobs etc), and found my concentration/motivation starting to slip during the fast.

    Over the last few days I've reintroduced breakfast in the morning and have noticed my concentration and energy levels improving throughout the day (including a better workout in the evening). After doing a quick measure of calorie intake yesterday (approx 2400), I may have been eating too few calories whilst IF'ing, with a majority being consumed in the evening.

    I plan to throw in the odd 16/24 hour fast occasionally, but will be eating breakfast indefinitely. I've only had experience of training fasted at the weekends, but these are limited to heavy weight training sessions: plenty of energy/focus. But I wouldn't imagine a 1.5hr intense session would have the same results!
    My Journal: Waking up early and eating breakfast again!