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Paleo Muffins for Meal Replacement

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    Originally posted by Savayla View Post
    I am battling on the primal diet as I have put on so much weight. Almost 1kg a month !! And it seems to be fat right on my thighs and bum

    I have put it down to the paleo muffins and almond crackers that I was using instead of bread. Almond crackers are just almond meal and egg. Muffins are made with coconut flour, eggs, bacon and cheese, or coconut flour, eggs, banana and dark choc.

    I might move this post to another thread to as I am at my wits end and although I haven't started up with grains at all (have not eaten grains for years in fact ), I don't know what is going on. Too much tallow and butter ?
    I'm sorry... that's rough. Have you calculated your overall calories (particularly your carb count)?


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      Originally posted by kot View Post
      I didn't mean to insult. I have found (N=1) that it is a slippery slope from paleo versions of SAD foods to back to SAD foods. Yet everybody's different, so if you can tolerate fake paleo, well....than good for you, me... not so much.

      So my point is AS BEST YOU CAN eat real food closer to their natural state
      No need to apologize. I guess what I've been trying to understand is (and this is a question I've failed to get a solid answer for even after a year of browsing MDA), if you can imitate the macros of primal man, using whole foods, but without eating the precise items that he ate, does primal still work (from the weight maintenance perspective)? my primal muffins are a hunk of fat, a little protein, and nutrients from the pumpkin... at the end of the day, does this serve my body just as well as a pan full of veggies sauteed in bacon?


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        I believe you're over thinking this. It's not really realistic to completely duplicate the diet of Paleolithic man. For most of us, what works for maintenance and weight loss is different. One person may choose to go high fat and someone else may be low fat. Eat what you enjoy within the limits.
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