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Breakdown of Carbs, Protein and Fats

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  • Breakdown of Carbs, Protein and Fats

    Hello there I'm relatively new to this paleo diet and also new to this forum! I have been reading up a lot on paleo: 1) paleo diet 2)primal blueprint 3) primal blueprint 21 days transformation 4) why we get fat and what we can do about it!

    So currently i do have some questions: based on Mark's carbo curve, for weight loss we should have carbohydrates amount of below 100grams a day. As such, how many grams should my protein and fats be?
    Supposing I'm 20years old, female, 5.45 feet and 112pounds. I'm quite active: I do weight lifting three times a week, and also low aerobic cardio almost everyday! How do i know how many calories i should consume and also the grams breakdown for protein and fats if i consume about 50-70grams of carbs a day?

    Please do help me!! Thank you so so much

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    I think at your age, activity level, height and weight you are right where you should be. Just eat good paleo foods and don't worry about the carb/fat/protein. As long as your weight is stable and you are feeling good when you work out, you are fine.

    It's us old folks who spent 30-50 years eating crap and not exercising that need to worry about the carb curve and macro ratios. Start eating Primal-approved foods and listen to your body. You read all the right books, now you just have to figure out what you want out of it.


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      Yeah. I agree with what was said above. Trust me, you are better off not getting caught up in micromanaging your diet like that.

      Eat well, exercise and be happy.