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Coconut oil refined or unrefined?

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  • Coconut oil refined or unrefined?

    Hi - anyone have a thought on refined vs. unrefined coconut oil? I thought Mark had said somewhere that we should use refined but today's post on MDA says to use unrefined... Thoughts?


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    Refined does not taste like anything and has a higher smoke point and for that i use it. Unrefined tastes like coconuts so if you like them, go for it. I also have read that unrefined can be more allergenic.


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      I prefer refined because I can't stand the smell of the unrefined stuff. If I was going to bake with it, I'd probably use unrefined so there's more flavor (though I definitely prefer butter).
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        Some say unrefined is more nutritious, but as has been mentioned, it also tastes more like coconut. I have both kinds, I add unrefined to tea (sometimes) and cook with refined if I'm using oil.
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          I use unrefined, and cook/drink/beautify in it. I never notice a coconutty flavor when cooking, and enjoy the flavor in my coffee.
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            I use unrefined to cook with and refined on my skin because its cheaper and I go through it quicker...


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              Refined if you want a less strong coconut flavor. Health-wise, unrefined is the better choice.
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