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Great article on diet obsession

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  • Great article on diet obsession

    Nutrition in Three Words. | EAP: The Magazine

    A lot of people need to keep this in mind as they travel down the health and nutrition road. Its so easy to get wrapped up in food choices and sometimes it becomes more unhealthy then the foods themselves.

    Personally when i let go, i saw a vast increase in health more then i ever saw with any way of eating. Of course that doesnt mean to load up on Little Debbies, Tombstone pizzas and Pepsi but scrutinizing every food on its sum total of nutrients can be a very can be a very destructive habit.

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    This is exactly what I needed. I'm focused way too much on dietary choices nowadays, even simple joys like bananas makes me feel guilty. I will try to relax more and enjoy eating more, as long as they are unprocessed real foods .


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      That was a very well-written article, though I still feel that focusing on health is a good thing. The author makes it seem as if he thinks you shouldn't even do that--he said to only focus on bare basics, such as allergies. I know that eating primal makes me feel best--do I do it 100%? No! If I'm out and feel like eating something non-primal, I will. But then I go back to eating this way because I know it's healthy and makes me feel amazing. I totally agree that we shouldn't stress so much about food, but there's nothing wrong about eating a certain way as long as you have a healthy mentality about it.
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        From the link:

        Physiologist Ray Peat wrote in 1993, near the dawn of the “information superhighway…”

        “If we added up all of the special ‘avoidance’ diets, no one could eat anything. Many people are ruining their health by avoiding too many foods.”

        What? You think I included this quote because he seems to sum this problem up quite succinctly? Hell no! Flash forward nearly 20 years and Dr. Peat’s own diet has been whittled down to milk, orange juice, raw carrots, oxtail stew, and oysters. This guy’s no dummy either. No list of the top 10 minds in the fields of nutrition or physiology would be complete without his name on it. But lack of intelligence or study or analysis is not the problem. A surplus of information is.

        Hey, Zach - I was following links the other night and ended up on Matt Stone's blog. I saw someone named 'Zach' in the that you? If so, can you give us a couple lines on what Matt Stone is all about?

        Looks like he has a new book, "Eat for Heat" or something like that. Did you read it yet? What is that all about? I saw in his pitch, he said something like, "If you are eating paleo and waking up at 3am or have cold hands and feet...this book is for you"

        Anyway, when I first clicked the link I thought, 'oh, crap, a Ray Peat article' but it's not. I have seen a lot of articles like this, even from Mark Sisson, that people shouldn't sweat their diet to the detriment of their health. I think that's where Mark came up with his 80/20 plan.



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          Clymb, you are correct. Here is a post i made in response the that article.

          "Of course everyone needs to have a loose set of rules when “eating the food”. There is do doubt in anyones mind that some things are bad for our health. Hell there are things in the grocery store that dont even have a real food in them. A lot of these “foods” are marketed at kids. You have to use common sense and not go off the deep end of the other side.

          That said, trusting your instincts for the most part, eating a good quantity of quality food and reducing any stress you might have from previous diet obsessions will go a long way towards anyones health."

          Otzi, yep thats me. i guess you could call him the anti diet guy. He mainly focuses on people who have ruined their health in their quest for health. A big majority of his readers are ex-paleo/primal, low carb and vegan. He has a book called "eating better then a caveman. 12 paleo myths" or something like that which i really suggest people give a read. The Eat for Heat book is more specialized for people who want to crank up their metabolism. Basically its a loose set of principles on liquid and mineral manipulation. He says you dont have to be on any certain diet to follow it.

          Anyway, he was the first guy that helped me when i was at my lowest and I think he has a lot to offer anyone. Most get turned off of reading him just from the stigma he has around the paleo community but dont let that stop you from reading a few of his articles.


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            I think this is especially true for those starting out on a new lifestyle and trying to do and eat the correct things, all grass-fed, watching their macros obsessively, etc.
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              Originally posted by Damiana View Post
              I think this is especially true for those starting out on a new lifestyle and trying to do and eat the correct things, all grass-fed, watching their macros obsessively, etc.
              Someone wise once said "Don't let good be the enemy of perfect"


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                I'm enjoying a relaxed approached with a healthy attitude to food.
                F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.