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  • Wonderful Primal Progress !

    Hello Everyone,

    It's been about 3 weeks since I switched from a moderate (seems high now---around 100 g probably consisting of honey, fruits mostly) moderate fat diet which included lots of cheese and nuts (all organic, pastured meats ect) to a pretty hcore primal diet. While I am doing this to try and become as lean as possible, I am also trying to eradicate a health problem I've had called "interstitial cystitis (chronic bladder pain and urgency) and eliminate my predisposition to PCOS and diabetes (runs in the family and been diagnosed with PCOS) therefore, I have eliminated eggs, cocoa, coffee, nuts, nightshades and ALL dairy just in case (I believe food allergies/ lectins/ gut health to be underlying factor in the IC problem) Here is some of what I've achieved and what I've noticed:

    -My bladder pain has gone down SUBSTANTIALLY. Touche'! Something the doctors said was incurable, chronic and lifelong is super manageable now. Enough to keep me primal for life!

    -I kicked my morning shake habit... It was hard b/c I loved my sweet treat for breakfast, and It seemed weird eating a lunchy/dinnery type meal for breakfast. But after cutting all the foods out that I made the shakes w/ I was pretty much left w/ no choice! However, eating a bacon and chicken lettuce wrap w/ some veggies and ghee for breakfast has been keeping me full for 5-6 hours. It's incredible!

    Still missing cheese.. and eggs... :/

    -I just had my first treat in about 2 weeks (homemade coconut butter/cocoa ice cream sweetened w/ stevia and banana) -dairy free! and it tasted good, but I couldn't help daydreaming about some beef ribs or bacon! ... I really feared the fatty-meat based meals would get old and boring, but so far they seem to be really satisfying. ...OMFG can't get enough bacon! lols

    -I am still not feeling very energetic.. I had to drink some coconut water in Miami before going out dancing b/c I still don't feel "optimal." I get winded super fast.

    -I still can't do the fasting...I get too hungry.. I am craving breakfast within 2 hours of getting up and need to eat usually 4-5 hours apart.

    -I woke up 2 mornings with some itchy bumps on my arms... This happened to me once before when I did a zero carb VERY low cal diet

    - I do still use some stevia, green tea, and drink alcohol (shots of tequila, or dry red wine) on weekends. Only downside I experience from alcohol consumption is EXTREME hunger the next day. Sucks.

    - I use several servings of E3Live (fresh frozen organic algae) and frozen acai daily. These are my only supplements.

    -Large components of my diet include grass-fed beef, chicken, tuna, lamb, broths with veggies like kale, brocolli, lettuce, onions, LOTS of garlic, cabbage and zuchinni

    -moderate components: grass-fed ghee, coconut butter, macadamia nuts (treat on weekends), coconut oil, avocados, green tea.

    -Breakfast (Larger) and Lunch (medium) include meat veggies and fats... at my old dinner time, I'll usually just have some coconut butter (2-3 T) and maybe a little frozen acai ... I find by skipping or keeping late meals small, I lose weight much easier

    - If I overeat or eat too late one day carbs or no carbs, I'll wake up the next day w/ noticeably bigger lower belly.. It's the first place my body stores fat and it's really annoying. (always been like this) Any comments or similar experiences on this and Primal eating?

    -Haven't weighed myself at all.. Noticed a slight weight loss based on clothing fit. *not too much to lose, just trying to firm/shape up

    Anyone else have moderate to severe health problems that improved from this diet?

    Any comments, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    sounds like you are doing good keep it up if it is working for you!
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      Wow! It sounds like you're experiencing some fantastic results!

      Regarding the big low-belly after a day of overeating: Are you sure it's fat and not just the bulk of food matter (and/or gas) still in your intestines? If this is a possibility, you can mitigate it by strengthening your abdominal muscles. Note that sit-ups and crunches are NOT the best way to do so, however -- planks are much more effective, not to mention gentler on your back.

      As for the IFing, don't worry. It can take a long time for your body and mind to be ready, and there's no point forcing it. I was primal for 4 months before my first 16-hour fast "just happened." Now, two months later, I fast 14 hours almost every day, and 16-18 hours about twice weekly. A phrase I often use in horse training applies here: If it isn't easy, it isn't time.
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        Jonna, most of the above sounds awesome. Probably that improvement of the bladder pain feels priceless. I think keeping at things might get some of the other niggling issues to clear up in time. Healing can be fast, but sometimes it's slow Also, your coconut butter-acai dinner sounds pretty amazing. I need to get my hands on some coconut butter!


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          Thanks for the feedback!
          BarbeyGirl:.. I don't know for sure, but I do know that it comes and goes pretty easily... I'm sure it is influenced by water retention b/c it can fluctuate on a daily basis. However...I can pinch it, like fat, it's not just my stomach bulging out. That seems like a long time to fast for, what does your meal schedule look like on a daily basis? I really hope to get there eventually. I remember when I was younger (17 maybe?) and I suffered through a VERY low calorie diet, after about 6 months I had a decent lunch and was able to skip dinner and did not feel hungry at all. I lost weight VERY easily like this. If I could do something similar while staying primal and consuming higher calories, that would be awesome! Lol at your quote, I used to horseback ride and the concept definitely applies! I will be patient. BTW you look fantastic!
          FabMandy: Priceless indeed, especially after so much conflicting information from doctors and endless testimonials of other people with the same exact problem saying it never goes away and they had it for 20 or 30 + years. Not to mention that most have spent tens of thousands of dollars or more trying to solve the same problem. I agree, I'm certain that if my body has already reacted so strongly, it will continue to adjust and the energy issues will improve. After all, I've introduced my body to an entirely different energy source to use. And yes, the coconut butter is great! I got some "coconut flakes" from whole foods and the coconut butter is Artisana (ordered online) I also saw a brand from that looks equally good. At first I didn't like it so much, but I actually crave it now. It's nice to have something light other than meat once in a while!


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            Awesome! But why aren't you eating eggs?
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              Jonna, could you expand on the PCOS thing a bit, I struggled for years to get pregnant (and loose weight), and self diagnosed in 1998, then was officially diagnosed in 2005. Apparently I no longer have this (according to a current doctor), but CW/eating/dieting/calorie counting does not allow me to loose weight at all. So, I firmly beleive that there is something underlying going on. I can eat 1300 cals a day, burn 2300 cals a day, and not loose a lb. Alternatively, I can eat all day long, and lay on the couch, and not gain a pound. Irritating.
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                Originally posted by jonnasaays View Post
                That seems like a long time to fast for, what does your meal schedule look like on a daily basis?
                Most days are something like this:

                Breakfast around 9-10 am. BAS with lots of fat, protein, and veggies. 20-30g carbs.

                Lunch around 2 pm. Dinner leftovers, usually heavy on protein and fat, light on carbs (0-10g). Something like leftover meat and roasted veggies or Fat Guacamole Devils or 2 HB eggs and kippered herring.

                Dinner around 7 pm. Usually some kind of meat and steamed/roasted veggies, or a one-dish meal like chili or stew.

                And, thanks.
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                  I have been avoiding eggs, nuts, and all dairy (besides ghee) for the past week, along with the other foods I've already been avoiding for much longer (all grains, starches, sugar, milk) I am doing this because the bladder condition I have had has been linked to food intolerance/ and or allergy. I will try to add in eggs by themselves in about a week to see if they have an effect, however I probably won’t consume them every day just in case. I have felt further improvement.


                  I was diagnosed when I was 19. The diagnosis was made from a hormone panel that showed almost no estrogen, while my testosterone was extremely high. I also had an ovarian cyst rupture that sent me to the hospital. At this time, I was eating lots of carbs in the form of mostly grains. I was about 15 lbs heavier than I am now. Right before this, I had spent months on a lower calorie/ carbohydrate diet. I am pretty sure this issue is related to insulin and blood sugar levels, because lowering carbs and exercising (sprints and or weight lifting) has made this problem disappear for me completely. Also, diabetes and fertility problems run on my father’s side of the family. Have you tried low carbing below 50 g or weight lifting ever? It does take time, but I am firmly convinced that insulin levels, and gut health (permeability and food sensitivities) are important factors to consider when dealing with this issue (and probably many others).
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