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    That amount of protein would take a fair bit of digesting, especially in one big hit. I suppose if you were to chew it really well before swallowing then it would be a bit better. Just my thoughts....

    I'd go for something nutritious and easy to digest. But then I very probably wouldn't fast for more than a day at a time!

    Well done Chaz, you are doing fabulously. But as someone said earlier, in no way would you fail if you ate at this point. The black outs and shortness of breath worry me; and I don't even know you! Look after yourself!


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      Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it-- sincerely.

      I've broken my fast. 8 days is enough, I think. My mood was sour and I was feeling really, really awful throughout the late morning. My stomach was in knots, churning and twitching like mad. I feel a little weak in doing so, but felt it prudent to throw in the towel.

      Overall, this has been my longest fast. Before this I'd only managed a fast of 2 days or so. I feel pretty accomplished and, although I haven't met my weight and vital goals yet, proper nutrition and exercise (as well as the occasional fast) should do the job nicely.

      Thanks for reading! For the foreseeable future, I'll be sure to keep updating this thread daily.


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        Congratulations on doing such a great fast. I'll be very interested to read any updates on your blood pressure and the weight loss. That was almost 19 pounds in the eight days, right? How did you break your fast? Small and slow, or did you go big?


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          Yep, it was about 19 pounds. It's not as huge a difference as I'd like, but my pants are a little more baggy and I feel lighter, so it's all good.

          I decided to take it slow. I had a spoonful of applesauce. I sat on that for a while and then had about 100 more calories of applesauce. It feels a little strange in my stomach and my head feels funny (probably a slight sugar rush, haha), but that's about it. No troubles to report on that front. Oh-- and my wife had set a nice, big pork shoulder to cook overnight in the crock pot, so I had a tiny nibble of that. It was delicious!

          I'm going to go pick up a few things we forgot at the grocery store and just let my tummy mull over the applesauce for now. When I get back, I may have another small snack. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll have a normal-ish meal tonight.


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            Hi, I hope you are feeling well and recovering from your fast. You probably won't die if you eat a large meal after a fast, but it can damage your stomach and cause a lot of digestive upset.
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              Originally posted by Char Aznable View Post
              Yep, it was about 19 pounds.
              That is fantastic as is 8 days!! Great job!
              65lbs gone and counting!!

              Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                Thanks! Just have to make sure I keep it off-- which, as I understand it, isn't too hard for fasters. When my glycogen stores have been topped off, I'll be hitting the gym!


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                  Congratulations on your accomplishment! I am impressed...may have to do a full day instead of my normal 20 hr a couple days of the week.

                  Please do keep posting because I am highly interested in how you do after the fast..if weight stays off, how your appetite is, how your emotional regard to food changes, etc..


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                    8 days! Blimey, that's good going. I am inspired to do 20 hours tomorrow now (well, that's plenty for me, I'm not mad you know)

                    Enjoy your apple sauce, you've earned it.


                    • Well done, Char 8 days and 19 pounds is pretty darn good. You've got me toying with the idea of going longer than 72 hours, though I'm not completely sure yet.

                      You rock. Seriously.


                      • Originally posted by Leida View Post
                        ...You probably won't die if you eat a large meal after a fast...

                        Not to be alarmist or anything.

                        I am sure there are cases where consuming a large amount of food after a fast COULD kill someone, but you seem to be a healthy, well-nourished man in the prime of his life.

                        I think you are PROBABLY safe.

                        Yes, I know. I'm being snarky. Sometimes it just happens.


                        • I think the idea that protein is somehow "hard to digest" is a CW/vegan propaganda leftover. I broke my four day fast with a big steak and was just fine. Meat is one of the easiest most completely digested things you could possibly eat.

                          Of course you might want to "work up to" it with smaller portions to let your shrunken stomach adjust.

                          Char, you are an inspiration. Seriously, major kudos to you.

                          I will be doing a 7-10 day fast sometime soon.


                          • Congratulations sir!

                            I enjoy the mental clarity and "power over food" feelings I get on the fast that we discussed earlier so I'm contemplating a fast from Friday night dinner on out and ending whenever I feel I need to. My fiancée will be working this weekend so I won't have to worry about her cooking things around me that make me "rumbly in my tumbly"...

                            I typically break my fast with a small portioned meal because I get stomach cramps almost regardless of what I break it with (usually the less fiber the better though). This time around I chose about 4oz. of BBQ/Rotisserie chicken and it gave me the usual 30-45 minute stomach cramp and then I could eat more and normally from there on out (maybe should have had less now that I think about it). Some people recommend breaking fasts with bone broth/soups and working your way up to more solid food as it's less uncomfortable that way. I've done the "soup as first meal" method and it still gave me a cramp so I decided to just use portion control when breaking my fast and that seems to be the biggest factor for me, sheer size. Applesauce sounds good, but goes a bit against the primal thing for me as even unsweetened it's pretty sugar dense compared to most fruits/veggies I consider primal ratio friendly and I like to make the base of my meals a high fat/protein source and add veggies/fruits ontop of that.

                            Disclaimer!*: I am by no means trying to lay judgement on this food choice, just my own personal feeling towards it, please everyone eat whatever you want and don't take this as a personal attack on "The Applesauce". :P

                            Wishing you health and happiness.
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                            • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
                              I think the idea that protein is somehow "hard to digest" is a CW/vegan propaganda leftover. I broke my four day fast with a big steak and was just fine. Meat is one of the easiest most completely digested things you could possibly eat.
                              I've always done this too. I never understood what all the fuss was about- lol


                              • Congrats! 8 days without food is no mean feat. Don't feel bad, you've got the rest of your life to do more fasts if you so choose. Enjoy your food
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