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Going Primal and time length on getting the crap out?

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  • Going Primal and time length on getting the crap out?

    Pardon the pun but once someone goes primal does anyone know how long it takes the body to get the toxins and bad stuff out of your system?

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    I'm sure it depends on how much was there to begin with, plus how undamaged one's clean-up organs and processes are.

    Reminds me of a very old joke: "Doctor! Doctor! Will I ever play piano again??" ....."Welllll................ that depends on whether you ever played piano before .........."



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      I'm not sure what you exactly mean by "getting the crap out', but I read somewhere that every cell in your body is replaced every 7 years (I have no idea if this is true or not). So, presumably, this would be the length of time from your start of going Primal to the official exorcism of your crap demons.


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        Well, I can't say I have any tangible evidence for this except my experience, but it has been 3-4 months for me, and thats still having peanut butter, and I am just now feeling totally out of the fog. I have been taking a multi-vitamin (make sure there is no crap to fill it up with!) 8 1000mg fish oil capsules a day and 1 T. Fossilized Phytoplankton powder in the morning with my electrolytes. Since starting this regime only a few days ago I have been *ahem* 'releasing' a lot of, well..crap! And I feel 1000 times better. So, in conclusion, it could be the length of time or the addition of healthy supplements or both that releases/flushes out the crap. Either way, stick with it and you will eventually feel better. Oh, and those 3-4 months of primal I did NOT feel good. I still had insane sugar cravings and sickly stomach, it didn't happen overnight for me.