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    Hey there,

    I would LOVE to do Paleo, or Primal, or whatever everyone's calling it now, and have done it in the past, but I have a HUGE problem.

    I have a pile of food allergies, some of them being almonds, eggs, and coconut. Just about every recipe I've found has at least one of these ingredients. Is it even possible to eat this way having these allergies?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Yup. Totally do-able. It just means you probably won't be eating any "substitutes" like muffins, breads and whatnot. Paleo, Primal, whatever... is pretty simple. Have some meat, and have some veg. Have some fruit. No need to get all complicated with the recipes.


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      Pretty much everything I eat contains no eggs, almonds or coconut.
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        totally! meat, vegs and fruits are anyways a big part of a primal menu!
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          I can't eat bacon (as well as most jerkies and many sausages), wine (or anything cooked/marinated in it), commercially dried fruit, or chocolate, so I miss out on all of the foods that people say "Well at least I can still have lots of..." about.

          You're going to miss out on eggs (definitely regretable) and pretty much all of the fake baked goods (which you really should be avoiding anyway) and that's about it. Use heavy whipping cream instead of coconut milk. That's one form of dairy that works for almost everyone.