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nausea after eating?

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  • nausea after eating?

    I've been pretty strict primal for nearly 2 years now. For the last few days I've been having bad nausea and stomach pain every time I eat.

    I'm starting to think that maybe it's gallbladder related, but really not sure. Any ideas on HOW to eat if it is gallbladder? I have no idea how I'd get enough calories without the fat and protein I currently eat. B'fast right now is usually seasoned ground pork with veggies, lunch is some form of seafood with either a BAS or veggie soup with homemade bone broth and supper is some form of meat and veg. I use a lot of lard (from our local organic/free range farmer) for cooking.

    Any other thoughts on what could be causing the nausea if it isn't gallbladder? Pains aren't severe, but are uncomfortable and annoying. I started off thinking it was a stomach virus, but hasn't gotten better or worse and it's been almost a week.