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what would you consider the most efficient way to lose weight??

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    Originally posted by breetbree View Post
    i'm sorry my dad took the book with him when he moved about 3 or 4 states over... my bad...
    Scroll up and click on the "Start Here" button. Lots of info there.
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      yup the "start here" button is the first port of call.

      start by applying the *basics* of PB and see what happens.

      then you can tinker.


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        mostly to improve my running and working out easier for me.
        I think if you want to improve your running, you need to work on working out. To improve, workouts need to get progressively more challenging. I started Cross Fit, stopped running, and ran a PR in a Turkey Trot...with very limited running. A PR faster than my old times while training for a marathon.

        I don't think fasting or whatever is going to help you improve your running specifically beyond cutting weight. But when you monkey with a solid diet you can change your energy level. When I VLC, you can't get me off the couch. My advice - look at your diet and compare it to the Primal Blueprint. If you are eating tons of junk etc., follow the Blueprint, keep running and do some cross training. You will likely lose the weight.

        If your diet is very clean and follows the PB, then start thinking about fasting etc.

        Losing weight as fast as possible is not really conducive to long term health and wellness or improving athletic performance.
        Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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          Originally posted by james2pro View Post
          Intermittent fasting with crystal meth.
          I just don't think that is primal. Peyote though, now we're talking
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