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    I am wondering what people's opinion on yacon syrup is. Yacon is a Peruvian root vegetable that stores its carbohydrates differently than most root vegetables--mainly as FOS, an indigestible fiber that serves as a food source for our intestinal bacteria. Studies have shown that yacon's effect on blood sugar is next to non-existent. It has a glycemic load of 1. Compare yacon syrup's glycemic index to blueberries' 40, agave's 30, honey's 65, and raspberries' 32 and we get an idea of just how little an effect a modest serving of yacon is likely to have on our blood sugar levels.

    Has anyone ever tried incorporating yacon into a primal diet? Did it trigger sugar cravings? Stall weight loss? Have any other impact, either positive or negative?

    Sweet tastes are reputed to increase insulin secretions (promoting fat storage). Even though stevia, for instance, is a calorie free sweetener that does not raise blood sugar levels, it does increase insulin production (generally considered a plus for diabetics). What I am wondering is whether this increased production of insulin might have an adverse effect on weight management in people who are eating an otherwise low carbohydrate/glycemic diet.

    Any insights would be appreciated.


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    Yacon syrup, huh? That's a new one for me.

    I looked up its composition and while it's ~50% FOS, it's also fairly high in fructose. That's why its effect on blod sugar is so low.

    Sorry, but I don't think its a winner.
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      I remember that stuff from like 5 years ago. Sweet syrupy, I think it'll turn out to be alot like Agave when all is said and done. I know guys marketting that stuff, and they don't actually give a fig for people's health so long as they can make $$$$$. Say anything, do anything.


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        Dang. I thought there was a typo and it would be "bacon syrup." ;-)


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          I use a tbs or two of Yacon mixed with about 2 cups of Erythritol to make "brown sugar". Looks and tastes like brown sugar and I like it. I don't figure the small amount I get is gonna do much harm.


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            Thanks for the feedback. It did seem a little too good to be true. I guess that it all comes back to the whole "If you can pick it off a tree or spear it, then it is a good food choice" ideology. Unfortunately for my taste buds, I seriously doubt that Grok and his buddies would have had much access to refined/processed sweeteners--low glycemic index or not.

            @Plaid Dad: I love it! ;^D