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Carb backfeeding/ CarbNite confusion...

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  • Carb backfeeding/ CarbNite confusion...

    Hi guys,

    I've got a question regarding carb backloading/CarbNite* (*John Kiefer)

    First, some background info:

    - I'm a 24yr old male
    - 65kg / 180cm tall
    - Paleo 95% for 7 months
    (sugar and dairy are my occasional slip-ups..dairy brings up GI issues..)
    - Crossfitting for 3 months (average 3 times a week)

    I still carry some fat around my midsection but i'm otherwise quite 'skinny' (i guess you could call me skinny fat)
    And most importantly, I don't put on muscle/mass easily.

    My fitness goals are of course to get stronger, but also I really want to gain some mass to my small frame.

    Just eating Paleo has already allowed me to gain weight/muscle (prior to Paleo I would hover around 61/63kgs..) but i'm trying to tweak in a bit to get the most efficient gains in size and strength possible.

    The Carb Nite approach sounded appealing, I haven't read the book but I heard about it on Robb Wolfs podcast.. (5 days no carb, then carb loading on the 5th night) but there is 3 major points that have been bothering me:
    1) Is this type of eating plan going to allow me to gain muscle/size?
    2) Doesnt this reduce an enormous amount of nutrient intake by only having one meal out of the week that includes fruit and veg??
    3) I was always under the impression that a PWO meal should include
    Protein/Carbs regardless, so how does that work in??

    Maybe i'm misinterpreting it, though in any case i'd love some detailed advice from anyone out there that has experience in gaining on low carb/carbnite type gigs..

    Thanks in advance!
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    #1 - Yes.

    #2 - No.

    #3 - Ideally your carb nite would be on a workout day.