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  • Controlling overconsumption

    I used to be 250lbs. I dropped down to 180 with calorie restriction/heavy cardio. Then I backslid up to 195, then went primal when I found MDA. Bow I'm a solid 172-175, losing body fat steadily. My problem, however, are hunger and over consumption. Having been so overweight, my hunger signals are all kinds of messed up. I can hardly ever tell when I'm hungry, nor am I usually hungry when I eat my meals. Even when I fasted for over 24 hours on two different occasions, I didn't feel any sort of hunger. Secondly, fullness. Similarly, I can never tell when I'm full unless its of the absolutely stuffed variety. Third, everyone has that one food they could just eat and eat because they love it so much. For me, it's nuts. Any kind except peanuts I could chow on all day. It's almost like a compulsion. I do it with veggies sometimes too. Not the worst thing I could overeat, but it slows my fat loss down. If anyone has any advice on resetting hunger/fullness signals, and controlling overconsumption of certain foods, it would be a great help.

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    Do you IF? I found that I became aware of a low level hunger late in the afternoon when I was only eating a single meal (dinner) each day.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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      I have the same problem when it comes to not feeling full unless absolutely stuffed. Anybody have suggestions?


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        Well you said that you fasted twice for over 24 hours and didn't feel hungry - that is a good thing and semi normal once your blood sugar normalizes and you are used to burning fat. I think doing some IF will help you learn more about your hunger cues. I do the 16/8 method almost every day. It has definitely taught me about hunger and what it really is (even though I don't get too hungry usually when I do it). I more get a weak feeling rather than the ravenous feeling I got in my pre-primal high-carb days. I think your hunger will normalize over time. Try to stop eating when you just feel satisfied. If your hunger returns shortly after, go ahead and eat more. For me, there was a psychological hurdle there, because I used to feel hungry a LOT even though I wasn't super overweight. I would sometimes stop eating because I was just tired of it and it seemed like I never got full. So it was hard at first to limit my eating. But it was almost purely psychological. Eating low-carb primal style made it very easy and I learned what my actual needs and limits were.


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          Fasting is a great way to regulate consumption. Mark has always said that you should more count calories weekly as opposed to daily. This allows for 24-48 hour fasts which you can then break with a REALLY large meal that you enjoy thoroughly but it doesn't sabatage your fat loss.

          This is not a license to have a ton of cheat days though. This meal should still be completely primal and healthy. But you can focus less on the amount of calories in the meal. You will also find, I think, that as you go lower and lower on the carb spectrum, your blood sugar regulates itself better and better and you will be hungry less and less, and therefore eat lower total caloric levels (as measured over the week rather than necessarily at one sitting).

          You might find your individual meals are getting larger, but your frequency of being hungry is less, and therefore total calories are down overall. That was my general n=1 at least.
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            I have a very similar problem to you.

            I just fasted 72 hours, and almost never felt hungry the whole time. I'm stuffed now, full to the brim with a good Primal meal.

            My best advice, when it comes to the empty/full feeling... high volume, low calorie filler. That doesn't have to be crap food either, just very high in water content. Stuff like cucumber, watermelon, even lettuce and celery. They're a great way to throw in a bit of a buffer so you don't eat a TON of calories, but you still get that really full feeling.

            I'm not entirely sure what the "problem" is, and I'm aware that my suggestion merely treats the symptom, but it's a decent hack until you can figure out how to solve the problem.


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              The other thing that you way want to think about is the speed at which you eat your meals.

              I find myself shovelling in the food at the moment - partly I think because that eating primal is so darn tasty I can't help myself but eat fast. Which as we all know is a super bad thing to do! I also notice that link between feeling full and the speed I eat at. So something you might consider is looking at the speed you are eating your meals.
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                I'm going to start eating slower and really pay attention to my body. And I've only been primal for about 3 months, so maybe my hunger cues are still resetting themselves


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                  I have similiar problems but I am sure mine are more psychological than physiological. I just have learned better portion control and not eat everytime I feel like it because I know it is not true hunger.


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                    I think give it more time, and eat slowly like you said. I have now, after getting on for 11 months primal, got used to understanding 'satisified' as in I have eaten enough good fatty protien rich food with loads of veg to meet my needs, and 'Full' as in my food bag is full. I am a big eater and always have been - eat when hungry, till satisifed only works if you work this way.

                    Try more IF, try WHEN - When hunger ensues naturally - eat when hungry, when-ever you are hungry - but only when you are sure you are really hungry, if a mug of fruit tea, or black coffee, glass of water or brushing your teeth still leaves you hungry, then give it 20 mins, then if you are chewing your arm - go get a steak. This should hekp you understand what real hunger feels like and break the 'meal time must eat' mind set.

                    If you are a 3 meals a day kinda person try skipping a differnt meal on different days - see how that makes you feel - that should give you more info on how you work too, for example - I have learned I don't need breakfast and rarely eat before midday now.
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                      After a lifetime of morbid obesity, I lost almost 200 lbs and have been maintaining that loss for almost 2 years.

                      Only now are my 'signals' beginning to become clear in terms of hunger/fullness. I still can't trust them totally yet.

                      I've managed by simply planning my food in advance and eating only that amount. I rarely felt 'full' when finishing a meal (because of my warped signals), but I was almost always satisfied--i.e., I don't go around hungry.

                      I think that over the past few years, I've either become more attuned to my body's signals OR I've developed better signals. In any case, the only way I could control food consumption was to monitor myself carefully.


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                        The thing that actually reset my hunger meter was following this basic insane thing. Stock a lot of average ground beef, potatoes and eggs. Then brown a lot of that ground beef without spice. Boil a lot of potatoes. Stock in the fridge or carry with you. When tyou don't feel like eating, don't eat. When you feel like eating, ask yourself: meat, potato or eggs (or any combo of thereoff)? Then heat up and consume (no spice, no salt). Stop eating when feel full. Put the rest away in the fridge/lunch bag. Keep going until your satiation trigger is reset. Make sure you put the fork down between bites and chew the heck out of every bite. Make a meal a Zen experience savoring every bit. This gets rid of the anticipatory hunger, and mind games. After a couple of weeks I knew when I was hungry and when I was full.
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                          The Leptin reset is supposed to help with messed up satiety signals. The real thing is really complicated, but the essentials are enough for many people: eat a high protein breakfast every morning and go to sleep at an early/reasonable time each night and sleep for 8 hours. In other words, restore your circadian rhythm.
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