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    Hi there Denver, doing well thanks.
    How are you doing??.

    I kept up egg yolks intake, along with organic raw milk.
    Occasionally I try my best to get some cod liver oil as well, otherwise i keep my sunshine exposure at a good range, without sunscreen.
    It's been 5 years now since I had checked my cavity, and it is not bothering me.. which is a good sign. =)

    Taking Vit. C regularly at orthomolecular dosage, cycling 2 week ON and 1 week OFF, with excellent results on my gumline.

    I would buy green pastures again and again, if it wasn't all that expensive :-( was thinking to give extravirgin cod liver oil a try.

    Goin back to fasting and dentinal fluid transport.
    I found out you need to be in a "parasympathetic state" to trigger the parotid hormone response and dentinal fluid transport.
    Along with meditation to reduce the impact of stress, I found the most efficient way to suppress sympathetic state is to practice fasting, as you can see here:

    Suppression of Sympathetic Nervous System During Fasting - Young - 2012 - Obesity Research - Wiley Online Library

    That would explain why people who fast experience such teeth healing experiences.

    Hope this helps, keep it up guys!!