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Calorie absorption for one meal?

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  • Calorie absorption for one meal?

    Just wondering. Say I were to eat 3,000 calories in a sitting; How much would get absorbed, and how much would go to waste?


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    You really have too many variables for anything resembling a specific numeric answer answer but most likely your answer is most of them. It would depend though on what the foods were, the fact that different foods have different absorption rates and the amount of chewing/process that was done beforehand.


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      I don't think any of it would go to waste. It all has to travel through the GI and undergo the same exposure to enzymes and chemical break down prior to absorption that a smaller meal does.


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        All absorbed, in my experience. Unless there's raw veggies, those come flying out unmodified.
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          totally depends on your metabolism and BMR, there's no one 'answer' to this question. please do not interpret my response to mean that the laws of thermodynamics do not hold, because that's not what i'm getting at.


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            Probably all or most of fat would be absorbed, but protein and carbs depends on source and how it is prepared, degree of cooking etc...
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              Most of them, there will be done variables as to your own body's ability to absorb nutrients, and the degree that your food is processed, but your eaten food will stay in the stomach and travel down the intestines, so eventually it will all get absorbed. You won't get a free get out of jail card if you massively overeat.
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                Thanks to each of you!