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    Grill up some of those long leg bones and dig the marrow out when it's all'll never give them to the dog again! Give him the bone after you've gotten all the marrow out. Unless he's a 250 pound malemute, I doubt he can crack the bones and get the marrow, so it might as well go to you. Deer marrow is like the tastiest butter you can imagine.
    my dog is a very spoilt deer dog but we do have fights over deer organs. i have never seen him so interested in what i am cooking if i cook venison liver. and the hearts lmao. the first one i decided to be brave. half for him, half for me. i gave him his half which he didnt wolf down as he is not a greedy animal at all. i cooked mine and started eating it as he decided to start on his. i so very nearly wrestled his half back out of his jaws and gave him a steak instead! only one heart and one liver per animal after all.


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      Originally posted by seaweed View Post
      i axe mine and give them to the dog. i make broth from the smaller bones like the neck and spine. i dont consider giving anything to the dog a waste so there is always zero waste.
      If you live near any place that has the Chronic Wasting Disease, you may do well to reverse what you do. Spinal cord and brains can have that nasty reversed prion that causes it. Mad Cow was a prion disease, and was shown to be able to cross species. There have been a couple of suspected cases of people with Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (the human version of the backwards protein) that it has been suspected, but not confirmed that it came from deer with Chronic Wasting.

      My husband has been doing research on prion diseases for the last 8 years or so. Yes, we still venison and elk when we can, but we do the butchering ourselves to make sure there is no contamination from spine or brains.

      Love the heart, liver and kidneys though!


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        good to know about the marrow. Love marrow! I guess I would have thought it might be less desirable in taste? the deer tallow can be. We absolutely LOVE venison RIBS! So many people throw those away...amazing!!!

        I didnt shoot this one...Hubby got another before sundown so my youngest son (6) and I just finished skinning her! We are lucky to get some DMAP tags that let us harvest a few extra since we own 40 acres. My growing boys ate through three deer last year--didnt quite make it a full year. Hoping we get at least one more this season!
        Check out my blog on nature and nurture!


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          If you live near any place that has the Chronic Wasting Disease, you may do well to reverse what you do.
          we are in aotearoa, no mad cows here. i love venison tallow and the rinds after you have rendered it.


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            Originally posted by otzi View Post
            Beware of fat, bald monks with big sticks if you go that route...
            I suspect they are pretty tasty too
            You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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              I suspect they are pretty tasty too
              euww!!! altho i did read one of bernard cornwells saxon books of recent and it had the story of st edmund of bury st edmunds fame in which was very funny the way he told it.