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Coconut milk?

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  • Coconut milk?

    hey guys and gals got question on canned coconut milk.
    I went to the store today and got some but as i looked at the ingredients it said it had corn starch in it and in a different one it did not (cheap one had corn starch expensive one did not) so my question is am i better off sticking with the one without corn starch?

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    I would buy the coconut milk that has the fewest ingredients.
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      To be honest there wasn't that many ingredients in either just thought corn starch can't be to healthy


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        You don't want to ingest corn starch. You can get coconut milk for much cheaper off of or Amazon. I got mine off of Vitacost, I think it was around 1.50-1.70 per can, and it's organic and the can is BPA free. Unfortunately for me, I can't use coconut milk anymore, lol!! But either way, it's much cheaper to buy that way than in the store. Same with coconut oil. You can get a 54oz jar on Vitacost for 20.00.


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          The brand I got from Vitacost is called Native Forrest.


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            I have a coconut milk question, too. I have two brands available to me; one is organic but contains guar gum, the other is conventional but contains nothing but coconut milk. I'm inclined to go with the latter but wouldn't mind input from others.


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              I would say go with the latter. The more pure you can get it, the better.