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  • Supplement Recommendations and Brands!

    From Perfect Health Diet... what a great resource this is!

    Supplement Recs | Perfect Health Diet

    Here's what they have to say about supplementing (a good explanation):

    "Some people think there is something wrong with a diet if supplements are recommended. They believe that a well-designed diet should provide sufficient nutrition from food alone, and that if supplements are advised then the diet must be flawed.

    I think this is quite mistaken. The reality is that Paleolithic man was often mildly malnourished, and modern man due to the absence of minerals from treated water and agriculturally produced food, and the reduced diversity and higher caloric density of our foods is severely malnourished compared to Paleolithic man.

    We recommend eating a micronutrient-rich diet, including nourishing foods like egg yolks, liver, bone broth soups, seaweed, fermented vegetables, and so forth. But I think its only prudent to acknowledge and compensate for the widespread nutrient depletion that is so prevalent today. Even when nutrient-rich food is regularly eaten, micronutrient deficiencies are still possible.

    Eating Paleo-style is not enough to guarantee perfect health. Luckily, supplementation of the key nutrients that we need for health and that are often missing from foods will often get us the rest of the way."