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    Real men eat meat - or do they? - Health | NBC News

    So this one is a bit goofy talking about image and manliness and all that, but it doesn't take long into the article before the meat bashing begins. W/in this story is a link to another correlating meat eating w/ cancer and other ills. I fail to undestand why it is that the meat is where the focus lies in all these studies. What comes to my mind first and foremost is what about the bun, the breadsticks, the breading and deep frying, the condiments, the side of pasta or fries, the pie for desert so on and so forth. It's as though there is a foregone conclusion that those items are ok and safe. I mean I've watched my fair share of documentaries on early man and cooked meat is what allowed our brains and bodies to function at a higher level and us to advance as a species. How did it get such a bad rep all of a sudden?

    I guess if you limit your study to fast food burgers and strictly CAFO/hormone/steroid beef then maybe there are higher correlations to health problems. I suppose that is what most people are eating so in that case these health scare stories might have some small bit of merit, but to blanket demonize meat just seems irresponsible and agenda driven to me. They might be correct about one other thing too; I'm not sure there is enough sustainable beef supply for all of humankind to eat primally. Strictly a guess on my part of course, but there are an awful lot of us these days.
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