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MSG and Thanksgiving

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  • MSG and Thanksgiving

    I now know that I cannot ever eat conventional turkey again! Not sure what to do about being a guest next Thanksgiving, but I'm nursing a severe MSG headache all day today---didn't touch any alcohol yesterday! I was such a good girl with my salads and turkey and plain potato! Eating clean for so long definitely has weird, for me, not being able to tolerate crap food anymore! hubby is feeling it today too. I do have pastured bird that I'm making for my fam. this weekend. Maybe I need to host next year as well...
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    I'm confused. Is there msg in traditional turkeys now? I knew they bred them to the point that their breasts are so big that they can hardly walk and that most of them are sterile, but I didn't know they added msg. Yikes.

    If you search Heritage Turkeys, and save your pennies, you can get an old fashioned turkey with normal proportions and the ability to breed. Or maybe even buy a new hatched or egg and raise your own.
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      Was your turkey injected with saline solution or labeled pre-basted? A Butterball or something of the sort?

      I get my turkey from the local co-op. Local (well, within 2 states away) birds.

      Next year offer to buy or bring the bird or skip it altogether. Sorry you are feeling crappy.
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        We ate at my parents and then later at my SILs. I do not know the type of bird, but I'm sure it was a frozen grocery store product. I have a pastured turkey I'm brining to cook this weekend. I realize I might need to offer to host from now on. I can't eat anywhere but home---life shouldnt have to BE like that.
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