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Thanksgiving Recovery?

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    Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    Bummer. They seem to be helping me, but maybe it's cuz it helps me get extra fluids in *shrug*
    Extra fluids are never a bad thing, especially after a high sodium meal like your Thanksgiving dinner was. For that reason, herbal teas (tisanes) aren't really a bad thing. Not trying to say they were.

    On the other hand, the diueretic effect of true tea is especially effective for those of us retaining a little extra water at the moment.
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      Originally posted by Primalsaber View Post
      My question is this:

      What is the best way to recover from this all? I was considering doing an extended fast (24-48 Hours, seeing as I'll have consumed around 10,000 Calories today) but don't want to do so if it's not the right thing to do. Obviously I'd like to lose.... SOME of what I'm about to gain, but I don't want to obsess over it for days. Several members of my family already think I have some kind of eating disorder as it is. Any advice on how to recover from extreme binges?

      Thanks in advance.
      -Matthew (Grok On!)
      Hello 16 year old lurker. Welcome to the forums and be prepared for a ton of differing advice.

      First, I don't know if I can consume 10,000 calories in a day unless I'm swimming the English Channel or biking 100 miles. That is impressive! I would feel ill.

      If your family thinks you already have some type of eating disorder, I am going to make the assumption that these huge binges are not rare? I think that is important. You just don't want to discover a good recovery method for binges and continue to eat out of control because you think you know how to minimize any weight gain. Over time, that will be a losing battle.

      BUT, your question is about recovering from Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to fast for today (Friday). I find that fasting, or cutting it down to one small meal the day after a high calorie eating day puts my appetite back in control. I am one of those that triggers days or even weeks of poor eating choices if I binge. It isn't about balancing out the calories for me. Nobody is going to notice that extra pound anyway. It is more of a reset button.

      I'd be curious to know what you decided to do. I"ll read on.

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