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    I follow Ross Enamait's "infinite intensity" program. For those unfamiliar, it's 4 days consecutively, 1 day off and each day is as follows:

    Day 1: Warrior challenge (example: 5 dumbbell snatches per arm, 5 swings per arm, 10 burpees, rest 60 seconds, repeat 5 times), finish with farmers walk.

    Day 2: Interval Running, Core routine

    Day 3: Strength training

    Day 4: GPP (circuit training, etc), Core routine

    Day 5: Rest

    I also do farm work each day, which will range anywhere from 30-60 minutes each day, and mainly consists of farmers walk with bails of hay, cleaning stalls, carrying water buckets, etc.

    My goal is to preserve (or gain?) muscle and SLOWLY continue to lose fat, I'm aiming to go from about 10% BF to 8%.

    I'm following the leangains protocol and I've been using the IF Calculator but I'm still at a loss as to what I should use for criteria for each workout and the rest day. I'm also not sure if I'm qualified to use "Very active", I would say I'm physically active for 1-2 hours a day, 6x a week, and I still do the farm work on the rest day.

    I posted on Ross's forum and received the following suggestion:

    A) +20% TDEE, 1g/lb protein, 80/20 carb/fat
    B) =TDEE, 1g/lb, 50/50 carb/fat
    C) -20% TDEE, 1g/lb protein (or maybe a little higher), then 25/75 or 50/50 carb/fat

    Each would be used the following way:

    Warrior challenge - B
    Intervals - C
    Strength - A
    ICT - B
    Rest day - C (or even less calories)

    The IF Calculator returns high levels of carbs, which for fat loss is something I've always avoided. Am I wrong to think that?

    Thanks for any advice!
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