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  • CALM Magnesium with Calcium

    As a 53 year old woman post-menopausal woman I am very concerned with the lack of calcium in my Primal/Paleo diet. I take CALM, the straight magnesium version, but regardless of what I eat I can't seem to get my calcium intake above 400mg and most days it is below that. I've read the discussions here, and elsewhere, that bring into question the RDA for calcium, and the questionable efficacy of most calcium supplements. I understand it is about both the type of calcium AND getting everything else in the diet that helps the body to absorb what calcium we get.

    A little research shows the type of calcium in this supplement is Calcium Gluconate. It includes magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Boron.

    Does this profile miss anything needed by the body for absorption? I also have problems getting enough potassium so that is an added benefit. I understand that calcium gluconate is best taken with food, but I usually take CALM around mealtime anyway.

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    Bumping this up, any thoughts? Am I simply over-thinking?


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      Have you thought about supplementing with dolomite powder?

      WAPF suggests the KAL brand for calcium supplementation. It has magnesium in it too.


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        Assuring that your vitamin D3 replete, getting some magnesium, and that your getting animal sources of K2 will go further for you than just ramping up your calcium intake. I've never ingested CALM, but I do know several in the paleo community who do.

        Couple of questions. Do you do dairy at all? Do you do weight bearing exercise? Quality protein and weight bearing exercise are far understated while calcium is far overstated (at least without context of D, K2, and magnesium) when talking about bone density and health.
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          I currently take the CALM magnesium only supplement, and get what I can through my diet. I do not do dairy outside of cream in my coffee and an ounce of cheese every couple of weeks. I am currently experimenting with having 4-5 ounces of grassfed yogurt a couple of times a week to see what my body thinks of it. I do weight bearing exercise 4-5 days a week, so I've that covered.

          Right now I am lowering my fat intake and bumping up my protein a bit - though it wasn't low before. Unsure about D3, though D is always a problem for me (along with E, potassium and, of course, calcium). I think I need to add some fatty fish into my diet to help with the D intake. For me fish has always been a couple-times-a-year thing...


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            Well, sounds to me like you got it fairly well under control.

            The problem is some RDA's are legitimate as in they are the minimum value to avoid symptoms. Some however are simply reverse engineered numbers predicated on a grain heavy diet. When you eliminate grains and some of the other paleo no no's then your absorption and utilization of many things greatly improves. And other things are more dependent on ratios than total values.

            Personally, I only supplement vitamin D3 (6000 IU's/day in winter here) and 400mg of magnesuim. I do eat several ounces of cheese and fermented dairy along with plenty of cream and butter though. I do the D3 due to lack of outdoor activity and the magnesium due to depletion in the soil....I've considered potassium, but never moved on it. After that though I assume that I get the correct ratios of all the other things by eating paleo and relying on whole foods that supply these things with the cofactors necessary for our bodies to process optimally. I'm not convinced that micromanaging these things will help much, and if I did consider additional supplementation I would use whole food concentrates.

            Just stating my reasoning since I really can't tell you what may be best for you. I know that if I were to limit my dairy I would be ingesting more bone broths and such though.
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              I second the bone broth, NH.

              Also, you're very right about absorption being greater for someone with the SAD foods out of the way.

              Wouldn't it be great if we could come up with a new Paleo RDA list for all the nutrients designed for Primal peeps? A PRDA.