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Puffing up not losing weight

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    Aaaaah thank you everyone. Yes, the raw food maybe too often too much. Its just so easy! LOL!

    I had a blood test done for sensitivities a while back. Eggs and all diary came up the worst foods for me. I tried some cream cheese and the next day I had a migraine from hell. I also tried organic gouda, and that made for a awesome snack but I felt nauseated.

    So I will be trying peppers and cucumbers (peeled) for a salad option. Baby spinach lightly steamed. Broccoli , cauliflower and carrots steamed. I have been eating some avocado with each meal. I love butternut but want to keep my carbs around 50 g.

    I Love the idea of bone broth!

    Salmon and mackerel are proving to be too rich for my stomach if eaten too frequently. So I am going with ostrich as its guaranteed antibiotic free and free range, I choose the lean mince because its free range. I have found free range steaks and free range lamb, but they are costly, so will need to be for treats. I would like to eat more, but my budget is tight. I cant squeeze any more into my food budget so I am doing the best i can with what I have. Its all good.

    I think the nuts and salads may be the issue for me, so I will cut back on them next week, and choose different foods for next week and then see.

    :0) I dont feel so exhausted this week. It could have been PMS last week.