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    canned it be stored at room temperature once it is opened? when put in the fridge it goes to a solid state - is there a way to store it that prevents this?
    I am using canned coconut milk in coffee and to make curry sauce for stirfry. It take me about 4-5 days to use a can. right now I am microwaving it each time to get it liquid again. it seems like maybe there is a better way.

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    I don't believe it can be stored at room temp. once opened. I'm not sure if you mean that when you say it gets solid, but I've noticed that it separates when I keep it in the fridge. The cream part solidifies and the watery stuff falls to the bottom of the container. It's normal, and I just stir it before using.


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      I've found that the canned coconut milks that contain guar gum as a stabilizer are the ones that solidify in the refrigerator (they also don't taste nearly as good). The ones without it will separate, but as said just have to be stirred for a few seconds.


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        Coconut milk is a great cure for muscle cramps whenever you feel muscle cramps or muscle soreness, have some food along with coconut milk. It is rich in magnesium and can help you in relieving the problem. One of the functions of magnesium is it acts as a gate block in many nerve cells.


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          When I open a can I pour the unused portion into a glass jar with a lid...when I want to use it again I can just shake it up to mix, or if it is too hard I can sit it in warm water for a few minutes.