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Low-carb and adrenals

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    It's really sad though that people have to suffer and then try to figure this stuff out on their own, especially when they can't think straight. We were much better at treating hypoT. 100 years ago than we are today. I can never resist commenting on thyroid/hormone questions. It's always nice to see people who know their stuff.

    Yep, if FSH/LH is high, those pit. hormones work and probably menopause.

    High cholesterol is usually a sign of low thyroid or other low hormones since hormones are made from it. I'm sure you know that.

    100 is pretty low. People don't realize that too low cholesterol is a problem too. Mine has always been low as well, around 140 total. My HDL is good though.


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      "Hypoglycemia is a symptom of weak adrenals since cortisol (adrenal hormone) works with insulin to regulate blood sugar.

      If cortisol and blood sugar are low, the adrenals can produce huge amounts adrenaline(another adrenal hormone) to compensate. The problem with adrenaline is that blood sugar is up and down all day whereas healthy levels of cortisol helps keep it more balanced. Some people have such weak adrenals(or pituitary) that they can produce enormous amounts of adrenaline causing extreme anxiety, shakiness, heightened senses, light and sound, wired and tired feeling, and high heart rate etc. This happened to me for 12 years!"

      Can also work the other way round, I could tick quite a lot of that but it seems to be the hypo rebounds from postprandial hypers that were causal to the adrenal symptoms. Anyway it all levelled out with tight BG control.

      Lots of fascinating stuff here, as usual. Sometimes you really have to dig around in the endocrine system to discover which is cause and which effect and where the primary breakdown is.