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How much fruit is good for you?

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    Fruit is not a problem, unless you’re actively gaining weight or failing to lose the weight that you want to lose. It’s also not required for great health. I call it optional, basically.

    Are you still dealing with the weight gain? That wasn’t clear from the question. If giving up the honey and dates hasn’t been enough to lose the weight, I’d definitely make the move to 1-2 servings of fruit a day. Your choices are pretty good – berries, particularly, are high in nutrition and polyphenols and relatively low in sugar – but the quantity is a little much for someone trying to lose weight.

    That said, if you are successfully losing weight with that level of fruit intake, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. If fruit has become your “candy,” however, watch out. It’s all in how the fruit is affecting you. If it’s promoting incessant gorging and packing on the pounds or preventing pounds that should be leaving from leaving, it could be a problem. If you’re still losing weight or keeping weight off, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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    He seems to not have much problem with it- citing a limit of 1-2 servings a day if you can't lose weight and a recommendation to forgo it if you have issues.

    I don't quite understand "candy". Is he saying that if you enjoy the sweetness of fruit, you should ditch it? He's a little vague....
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      I have no idea, but isn't saying fruit is bad because there's sugar just like candy like saying meat is bad because there's fat just like in mcdonalds?
      well then


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        McDonald's meat's problem is mainly oil it's cooked in. Most people will be successful with non grass-fed meats. Fruit tend to stall a fair number of people, particularly in the over 30 female group.
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